Thursday, February 3

From Pulp Fiction to BullShit

Pulp Fiction writes about Contemporary Hindi Cinema :

Only mediocrity is worshipped all over the world. This world works on a formula and that is 'escapism' and 'feel-good'. Come what may, meaningful cinema is not going to take over in terms of the numbers. As I quoted Hesse a few posts earlier - "I know it today: Nothing in this world is more repugnant to a man than following the path that leads to himself."

We will always produce more garbage. The point is that instead of mediocrity, we are worshipping trash. The problem is that instead of producing more garbage than meaningful, almost all we are producing is garbage. And the worst part is that its being celebrated too. The 'karva-chauth' genre movies have taken over the box office. Not just that, its also taken over the society with its touch of feel-good. Thats the USP of the karva-chauth cinema.

We actually put so much masala in our movies that it ultimately becomes masala bullshit instead of biryani. I remember my favorite actor Naseeruddin Shah commenting in one of his interviers that after 20 years or so if our kids will ask us to show how we lived and how was india ? We wont have single movie to show the real india and indians.