Thursday, July 31

Indian Mobile Telecom Subscriber Base

  • Geneva based International Telecommunication Union (ITU) study and figures reveal that India is one of the fasted growing large mobile markets in the world, jumping from 33rd position to 18th position between 2002 & 2003.

  • If India continues to show this trend (thanks to competetion between Reliance, Tata, Hutch, Airtel, BPL & others) and same growth in both GSM & CDMA based mobile services it is sure that India would rank amongst the top 10. This is supported by the fact that right now there are 17.22 million (GSM + CDMA)subsribers, growing healthily at the rate of 80% per year. That amounts to 25-30 million subscribers by march, 2004.

  • India is however already made to 5th position in the fixed lines with 41.2 million subscribers.

  • Facts & Source , Anup Jayarm, Business World Magazine, 28 July 2003.