Tuesday, July 15

Nigeria 419 Scam /Advance Fee Fraud

Mala Bhargava, Cyber media (India) and editor of Living Digital is a regular writer in Business World weekly's feature - That's IT. In the latest issue of the Business World she has written worderful article on internet email scam appropriately titled "BEWARE! NIGERIA CALLING". If you are on the internet and have even a single pathetic email id, you must be already aware about this phenomenon. Some smat ass in Niegeria has loads of money which he wants to save from his government due to various political, military and civic reasons. And god knows why you are the choosen one?, the lord of the ring. He wants you to become the medium to transfer his millions and get cool 3/4 million for yourself. Now like myself and lot's of other have deleted these types of mails right away and flushed the trash. But there are many air heads in this world who really felt that they are really the choosen ones. Don't think that the story ends here and this mail things end after making you virtual april fool. These things go beyond the net and after series of mail exchanges you are duped to the tune of few thousand dollars and may be worst than that which is still unknown to us. It has become the multi-million dollar business(?).

Mala Bhargava along with friends and colleagues M Jayashankar, Shubhendu Parth, Nisha Kurien followed the trail of scamsters and their victims across India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Hongkong, US, UK and the Netherlands. She has given the entire working of how these scamsters operate. It was found that these scamsters have pseudo virtual online fake banks and offering 'telebanking'. These group of reporters have created an awareness webpage on the Nigerian scam at www.dqindia.com/nscam - Nigeria 419 Scam /Advance Fee Fraud… A Resource Guide . Great Job.