Friday, July 11

Kargil Part 2, The begining

Mid-Day | The bridge(?) bewteen the two nations is built again. Last time the result of Delhi-Lahore Bus was KARGIL was, but there was no fun in it since cricket matches were going on. Right now there is no cricket season going on, so watching Indian Soldiers die will be a great fun on TV.
    "Dozens of rain-soaked passengers jostled onto the luxurious golden-coloured Delhi Transport Corporation bus flagged-off from Ambedkar Nagar terminal here at 6:10 am by Union Surface Transport Minister B C Khanduri, restoring the service snapped on December 31, 2001, 18 days after Pakistan-backed terrorists attacked Parliament."

    "Body and luggage searches awaited them at the border, and in India, 1,000 police were put on alert along the 450-km road between New Delhi and the border checkpoint, while two vans of policemen were to escort the bus, said Satish Sharma, inspector-general of the Border Security Force in Punjab.He said police were on the lookout for attacks by militants who have sometimes waged assaults when steps are made toward peace."
- ExpressIndia

Read again the last sentence please we call them militants and not terrrorists. Congratulations we have changed the definition of terrorism

Dear Nishita I think you are wasting your time by saying...
    "No award, no matter how big, is worthy of those brave men who fought for their motherland on the icy peaks of Kargil. I salute those selfless and dedicated men who lost their lives in order for us to live happily in a safe environment. We, a country of 9 million, owe them our lives and independance, it is a debt that can never be paid off."

    (13 yr old Nishita Jha pays her tribute to the martyrs)

Kargil Martyrs 'Sorry', but 'no thanks'. You will be again added in the list or make some news because we are taking and talking and talking