Saturday, July 5

WMD News Updates

Larry Johnson from freelancestar in his article - No WMD? Hold Bush accountable writes that "Not only did Bush and his gang deceive us all, but he's also apparently using the same strategy to further his agenda in the Middle East, possibly to attack Iran, Syria, Jordan, maybe even Korea." His comments were in response to the letter published by Elaine Kozora, who think what might be the reason still the action on Iraq was justified. I think he has summed up the entire thing in few lines very beautifully, who ever thinks that we all are making fuss over WMD and this anti-war thing is just a cool fashionable thing 'must' read his article because it doesn't use pages to describe the things. Just read the following comments and understand it for yourself:-
    If we don't hold this administration accountable right now, then we deserve the scorn of the rest of the world. Not because we have so much, but because we once had a democracy and let it slip away. - Larry Johnson

Thanks Larry, Sorry Mr.Bush

Search for WMD Finds 'Bomb' on Internet : The site, which is designed to look like a genuine error message -- replete with "bomb" icon -- is the top result when "weapons of mass destruction" is entered into search engine < a href="http:/">Google. When you click the first link on this search result page, you get a error page saying that, "These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed". A must see for all of us including Mr. Bush.And mind you this "WMD JOKE WEBSITE IS MASSIVE HIT"

But US president Mr. Bush is still at war because "The United States will not stand by and wait for another attack or trust in the restraint and good intentions of evil men." And somebody else is also feeling the heat in UK. Read Economist for the article The government, the BBC and WMD