Saturday, July 5

Linux News Updates

Darl MCBride, CEO - Sun will visit Japan to meet the founder members of CE Linux Forum and to show them code samples in which the Linux open-source operating system allegedly violates SCO's Unix patents.- EETIMES
and read one more story about the lawsuit Legal battle brews over IBM'S use of Linux system
Is Linux the biggest thing since the Internet? Linux is having many similarities with the Internet; it's openness, the free usage, the fast growth, the cost effectiveness and the endless opportunities it offers. It is the fastest growing operating system on the planet today. Linux has become a sort of 'swiss knife' for programmers and it professionals around the world. Whatever application you can think of , you can find it on the net and moreover you can 'modify' and 'customize' it without exceeding your budget, absolutely free with the help of over enthusuastic and highly dedicated programmers who make their projects available through sites like SourceForge, Freshmeat and many others.