Tuesday, July 8

Humans vs. Robots vs. Cyborgs vs. Humans


The advancements in the field of Robotics and AI are very fast. Honda has trying to develop a robot which can exactly mimic human movements and Sony has already successfully launched artificial electronic pets which can also mimic few emotional states. The technology is advancing very fast, right now the race is to pick up the attributes of the living beings and deliver them with perfection. Most of these attributes are related to the flawless replication of the human movements from the mechanics. But few scientists are trying hard to add the ‘emotional intelligence’ in to these robots by the way of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Right now we have to take care of these robots because they are highly dependant on us for their existence. But in the near future it is very much possible that these robots can surpass the humans in strength and intelligence. The robots right now cost same as a sports car but can become as cheap and as available as a personal computer. They are supposed to help humans in their daily life and enhance the quality of the life; they can be your electronic maid/servant/nurse/friend/escort and so on. But still they will be dependant on you for their maintenance because they would still be ‘somewhat human like robots’.


By 2050 it is guessed that these robots will become more intelligent and tougher than humans. There will be so many robots that they will be able to take their own care, that is they will form an equivalent of a species. A time will come when the usage of these robots can be against the humans in war and politics. Right now all the evil humans are the result of wrong genes and circumstances. But the evil robot could be a result of a ‘program’. Some robots could be programmed as ‘killers’ and some as ‘savers’. The possibility of Humans becoming a ‘sub-species’ and the robots becoming a ‘dominant species’ cannot be denied as we are the successful example of how we are dominating the primates of this planet.


When the robots will become supreme how are we supposed to conquer them? By becoming half-robot. Half human and half robot termed as ‘Cyborg’. Cyborg will be the choice of the next human race. I have used a wrong word ‘choice’; it would be the only ‘option’. Cyborgs will have the intelligence and flexibility of the human and extra powers & dimensions of a robot. These cyborgs may be fitted with many additional chips which will be ‘senses’ enhancing. That is, these chips ‘inside’ us will provide us the extra powers by increasing the capability of seeing, hearing, feeling, communicating, and so on. Chances are that in the near future you wouldn’t chat with your buddy you would simply broadcast your thoughts. The humans will become the sub-sub-species and will hold no dominance and value on this planet. The robots and the cyborgs would rule the world. The issue would be between the cyborgs and the robots, they would be the main species on the earth, the fight would be between them and humans would be counted as minority community and almost like slaves. The cyborgs and the robots would be so advanced that we the humans would be treated as ‘chimps’. Yes chimps, may be the next generation humans = chimps would be visited by the children of cyborgs & robots in the Zoos on weekends. Robots and cyborgs may complement each other or they would also fight for the dominance. It’s very hard to say right now, but it is a surety that humans won’t have nay part to play in that; humans would have already played their ‘wrongful’ part in the past of tomorrow i.e. today.


Since the major war would be between cyborgs and robots, humans as mentioned above would be reduced to chimps. When the cyborgs that would be half human, would start considering them special they will find that humans are ‘nothing’. Robots and cyborgs would have so much ‘extra’ that they would feel exactly the same as we feel about the chimps. But since these robots and cyborgs are related to humans and would be the advanced versions of humans, they are very much likely to pick the quality of the humans i.e. violence. The beauty of the disaster would be that this violence and all the negative qualities would be ‘programmable’ and with ‘perfection’.


Now you must be really wondering how am I able to know about our ‘future’. I don’t know a shit. Few days back when I was lazily channel surfing; I came across this documentary on Discover Channel. The words sub species and humans becoming chimps are not mine. They have come out of some real great scientists and intellectuals. One mister Warwick who is I guess and if I could remember properly is one of the few examples of living cyborg and one of the first humans to get a chip planted in his body. In his interview he had used the word ‘chimps’ which would be the future name for humans in the future. This left me shocked, if I have to survive respectfully in the future, I have only one option; to upgrade myself and become a cyborg; otherwise I am a god damn chimp. The advance science of today is still discovering new things about humans, the most hidden part being the human mind and the human behavior. But we would jump fast and skip the process of becoming better humans and jump to become cyborgs. Cyborgs & Robots with human-like mental capabilities (AI) would carry the ‘negative’ of humans magnified, glorified, horrific and with superfast perfections. Today we are making a huge fuss over the recent, but can you imagine a future with MWPS = Million Wars Per Second or Million WMDs Per Second and imagine this; Mb/MB won't be Mega bits/Bytes, MB would be MEGA BUSH. Now you are serious!


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