Monday, July 7

President Kalam on Dhirubhai Ambani

It is very entertaining to hear and political person since he has all the masala like a typical Indian film. But it is very hard to find any intelligence in such speeches. Prime Minister of India, Mr. Vajpai is believed to be great orator, but he according to me doesn’t carry any hope for the youth of India. He chooses his word smartly, disarms his opposition effectively, uses floral language and great Hindi. But his words do not make an honest impression and deliver the intelligence. His words are only good for the political House and don’t carry any hope for the citizens of this nation.
On the other hand, the speech made by Indian President Mr. Kalam as Dhirubhai Ambani Memorial Lecture made a great impression on me. For the first time I felt that at least there are some people in this country who are where they deserve to be. Mr. Kalam was very honest with his words and carried excellent and extraordinary simplicity. While delivering the lecture he made references, gave credits, cited real life examples, generated enthusiasm, got his audience motivated and most important of all admitted his mistakes so that young can learn from his experiences. He gave a real example of the launching of satellite for the first time in India, how his decision lead to failure and how Mr. Satish Dhavan took the entire responsibility of the failure in front of everybody and when exactly after one year the project was successfully executed Mr. Satish asked Mr. Kalam to take the successful stand in front of everybody. Mr. Satish is an example of some extraordinary people who take the failure on them and give the credit of the success to everybody. Mr. Kalam even admitted that at the time of his failure one journalist even asked him “Did we invest 20 crores to let it go in Bay of Bengal”. How many leaders can give you examples of their own mistakes in the past? Mr. Kalam took this opportunity to inspire young Indian entrepreneurs to think ‘big’ by quoting late Sri Dhirubhai, “Not aiming high is a crime.”