Wednesday, July 9

LINUX TORVALDS : The Coolest One / Hot Inside

Stephen Shankland of CNET NEWS interview LINUS TORVALDS. The interview covers the questions related to the SCO lawsuit, his new job at OSDL & his views on Linux. Linus Torvalds seems to be cool in his reactions but actually he may not be very pleased to witness these kind of issues happening with LINUX. His answers on the patent issue raised by SCO on IBM which is affecting LINUX....

"Finding patent infringement has always been a responsibility of the patent holders. I didn't put it there...It is a fact that I do not encourage engineers to look up patent information, for example. You ask any lawyer about it, and they will tell you that I'm right. It's not the job of an engineer to try to find out about other peoples patents, since that just taints them, exactly something you do not want to happen."

Ofcoure, Linux has great a great shape over the years and many open source are running into the blood of mainstream IT and Business sector. Innovative programmers and visionaries like LINUS must be really upset over the issue since in certain ways it is affecting the opensource and the linux community.