Saturday, July 12

Time Magazine & Alex Perry take a twist ....tsiwt

Time Magazine and their writer Alex Writer take a twist. But that does not mean I am pro BJP. That does not mean I am pro Congress. India should be without politicians and must have some leaders like Mr.Kalam, Mr.Shourie, etc. See I have to use etc. as the third name I could think of.

June 2002 - Asleep at The Wheel?
"As India and neighbor Pakistan put up their nukes, is an ailing and frail Vajpayee the right man to have his finger on the button? He drank heavily in his prime and still enjoys a nightly whiskey or two at 74. India's leader takes painkillers for his knees ",13673,501020617-260747,00.html

July 2003 - Top of His Game
"While it may stretch the limits of adolescence to anoint a 78-year-old as Asia's new comeback kid, there's little doubt that India's once fading leader has returned with a bang. Abroad, he's never been so well received",13673,501030714-463134,00.html