Monday, July 14

Bloggers Opening Western Eyes

Katie Dean writes in Bloggers Opening Western Eyes on Wired...
Marta Schaaf is one of eight summer interns affiliated with the Advocacy Project, a nonprofit organization in Washington that works with Non-Government Organizations, or NGOs, around the world Schaff. Schaaf writes about her experiences with the Bosnian women, her fellow interns are posting accounts of their work on the prevention of illegal trafficking of women and children in Nigeria, advocating for Roma (gypsies) in the Czech Republic and social justice in Nepal. Each intern, who assists advocacy groups in Bosnia, Nepal, Lebanon, Israel, Kosovo, Italy, Nigeria and the Czech Republic, has her own weblog. The Advocacy Project is using the blogs to raise awareness about its work and to present an inside look at its projects.
    "These blogs can provide a picture of what the tragedies that Westerners see on the news mean to the people who live here," Schaaf says.