Thursday, August 28

Mumbai Bomb Blast : Crocodile Tears

Every death is an opportunity for the politicians to appear in the news channel and do the verbal fart. All the politicians from state level to national level were here, were here for what? Don't they know, that their visit will put extra stress on Police force & extra burden on city which is already depressed. And what do these politicians exactly do over there? nothing...just verbal farting and shitting around (sorry the shit word has more value than their words).
Times Of India : On the front page in the article : Visiting Politicians get the stick : 27 August 2003
TOI recived many letter from the readers and collected comments from various people on the politicians who open their shop at the site of disaster.
Homai Elavia says : "It's bad enough that citizens of Mumbai have to face periodic bomb blasts. What's worse is to listen to 'chota-mota' politicians shooting off their big mouths," on the BJP action(?) of demanding resignation of the ruling government, "if this is all they have to say at this time, shut up."
Nawaz Mody, head of the politics department at Mumbai University, blames it on the television age, "Increasingly, politicians views these tragedies as photo-ops and literally jostle to get into the frame. What they don't realize is that the public can see just how shameless they are."
While these politicians & VIPs were at the disaster sites and hospital indulging in "crocodile-tears" tourism.......
  • 200 shops in the Mumbadevi area were forced to shut their shop.

  • The peace of hospital and relief operation were distrubed at JJ and G.T hospital.

  • At these hospital distraught friends and relatives were kept outside, for the comfort and security of these VIPs in the hospital.

  • Throughout Mumbai you could see more police on roads for the safety of these VIPs and not Mumbai.