Tuesday, August 26

Mumbai Bomb Blast & Politics

Describing the bomb blasts in Mumbai today as "extremely alarming", the Deputy Prime Minister, L.K. Advani, said that investigations were on to establish who were behind them.

(Dear Sir. now you find it "extremely alarming"... did you earlier think it was a "Die Hard" sequel)

He said the security agencies would know within a short time who was behind the explosions. Mr. Advani, who is scheduled to visit Aurangabad tomorrow, may also visit the blast sites.
(They will be making a great achivement, after the naming ceremony... everything will be accomplished and more blast case will be eagerly awaited)

The Defence Minister, George Fernandes, said he suspected that the blasts were the handiwork of terrorists. "My impression is some terrorist group must have masterminded the blasts," Mr. Fernandes, said in Nagpur, after attending a function at Amravati.
(Oh we thought, some kindergarden kids were playing bomb...bomb)

Dear politicians, keep your mouth shut...let the death not be mocked.