Thursday, October 9

BPO in small towns

The BPO companies are now targetting the recruitment from the smaller town and cities [BPO firms head-hunt in smaller cities | Rediff] , some are even starting their operation at these places. Infratructure might be a issue, but everything else seems to be fine here. Metroites have a very expectations from their job and the workplace environment since they have an opportunity to compare with other companies, other industries and moreover other batchmates who are doing well and are in the real technical jobs. But there grads from the small places don't have any such exposure and most of the times find themselves in the heaven. They find that compared to others in their town they are getting a 5 figure salaries, posh and air-conditioned workplace, canteen & pick up facitlities, training and workshops and many more things. Since the life in these areas is not so hectic the frustration levels and atrition rate is also very low in these places.