Wednesday, October 22

Join the IIT Debate

Do we need more IITs? The Indian government has decided to increase the numbers of IITs and Rediff is hosting this debate DO WE NEED MOERE IITs.?
Well yes and no? Yes for - such a wonderful brand called IIT has to grow atleast one per each state. No for - What happens to REC, they are running on their own - some are having good education and indstury interface and most of others are nothing but a big godown like buldings with lots of corruption and no education. It will be a narrow minded thinking to concentrate just on IIT because there are millions of eligeable and talented student outside IITs also. What kind of quality and assurance do the REC student get, are they IInd class student citizens of this world. When they shell out a heavy fees for their education why can't they get a comparable if not equal standards. There is a wide level of difference between the standards of REC & IITs, we need plan for both and not just IIT. And why just REC also?. What about primary and secondary education. This is because our government doesn't have an wholesome thinking, they just want to convey news and not the right messages. As Mr. Nehru had once said there is Unity in Diversity of India, I think it must be a typo or his ignorance over the matter. There is always Diversity in Unity of India and our politicians and goverment knows how to maintain it, remember they have inherited this from Divide and Rule government.