Monday, October 13

Big BPOs Big Jobs

Dollar economics, availibility of english speaking masses, hi-tech talent and loads of industry enthusiasm and proven results encourages multinationals to set up shops in India. Even with a lavish infrastructure & salaries they are bound to invest/spend less compared to US or any other developed nation. Many patriotic drives and local concerns are raising their voice agains this phenomenon, but always get to see counter reports on the merits and demerits of outsourcing. If US would try to save the local jobs, that will mean more expensenses and hence hard survival of these corporations and utltimately it would affect their economy only. This hatred is creating anti-india sentiments and taking a political shape. Ofcourse local interests are important, but these issues are raised by developing nations from a long time. Why there is hue and cry when you are beaten in your own game?. When developing nations raise their concerns they are told about 'global market', 'free-trade', 'fair-trade' and blah-blah, but when it comes to them 'global turns to local'.

V.k.raghunathan reports in The Straits Times Business outsourcing brings top jobs to India :: Centres serving multinationals earn $4b and employ 170,000 Indians - this will increaseto $31b and nearly one million jobs by 2008 Professionals looking for high-paying jobs do not need to go abroad - more and more multinationals are moving their operations to India.According to The New York Times, US companies are expected to farm out jobs worth US$136 billion by 2015. India, China, Russia and the Philippines are expected to benefit.