Saturday, October 11

Rural Movement

Recenlty the rural india was neglected completely from the business point of view. Other than agriculture, nobody is concentrating on anything, atleast there can be some value addition in agriculture alone. Some initiative are happening and some really encouraging results are also appearing. Businesses are now looking forwards towards the Rural Marketing and understanding the minds of Rural Indian Consumer. Lots of opporunities can be created for rural sector so that rural india finds encouragement and enthusiasm in their own environment instead of looking towards cities, who are turning out to be skyscrapers and slums bazaar.
    Rural India is on the move - The Times of India: "In just three years, Raj Narayanan from Kerala turned his life around and shrugged off the tag of poorest of the poor. A man, who once couldn’t eke a living, now takes home over Rs 8,000 a month."...