Monday, October 13

Netscreen acquires Neoteris

Sam Srinivas, Shyam Davuluru and Surya Koneru -- are selling Neoteris, an Internet security company, to Netscreen Technologies, a Nasdaq-listed company.Neoteris has pioneered the rapidly growing secure socket layer technology in the VPN market and also emerged as a market leader with over 36 per cent of market share. Neoteris attracted the interest of Netscreen, a leading developer of integrated network security solutions, as wares developed by the former would help in expanding its existing product offering.
[ Source : Times Of India ]

Neoteris (ne-o-ter-is) - Noun: A new land or territory.

Neoteris is pioneering new territory by providing instant, secure access to selected internal network resources to a defined group of employees and partners from any Internet Web browser.Neoteris was conceived by four founders, Sam Srinivas, Theron Tock, Surya Koneru, and Shyam Davuluru. Originally named DanaStreet after the coffee shop where the founders often met to discuss the technology before incorporating, the company changed its name to Neoteris in September, 2001, to reflect their mission of pioneering "new land" in simple, secure remote access.

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