Tuesday, October 14

Win-Win Outsourcing

Ronen Sen, Indian high commissioner to Britain writes in Hindustan Times and its a very simple thing to follow for the anti-india anti-outsourcing crowd of the developed nations. A must read...

This is what developed nations get...
    According to conservative estimates, US companies saved $16 billion and British firms saved around £1 billion through outsourcing to India last year

Not just costs, but quality
    It is not just lower labour costs that are making India an increasingly attractive global location for outsourcing. It has been the experience of virtually every British, or foreign, company that savings in labour costs in India become secondary to the marked improvement in quality and consumer satisfaction.

    This applies not just to relatively low skill operations like call centres, but higher value added services involving financial management, sophisticated software development, realignment and optimisation of total business operations and so on.

This is what I also say...
    In a globalised economy, one cannot reasonably expect unhindered movement of capital and free trade only in selected goods and services, and impose barriers in other areas that do not suit the short-term interests of some nations.

    Countries like India do not need aid or handouts but greater market access in goods and services, not on concessional, but on an equitable and mutually advantageous basis.

[ Source :
Outsourcing: A win-win strategy of partnership : HindustanTimes.com ]