Wednesday, June 16

MSN's Plan for Asia

Palakunnathu G. Mathai interviews Sharon Baylay, regional general manager for MSN’s (Microsoft’s internet division) recently formed intercontinental, Asia and Nordics (ICAN) territory. She manages everything from Russia to Australia, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Israel, the Middle East, south America, the Asia Pacific region and Canada.
She has been with MSN for the last four years and with Microsoft for 12 years. She spoke to Business Standard in Mumbai on the internet’s growth, of how internet companies can make money, among other things.
Is MSN making money in India? What is your turnover?

(Laughs) I wouldn’t be able to divulge this – we don’t talk about numbers on a country basis. But we’ve done very well here in terms of revenues, we’ve seen 100 per cent growth year on year in revenues for the last few years.

In 38 countries, India is definitely holding its own on a range of matrices. The business here is growing faster than in many of those countries and the opportunity here is much greater.

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