Friday, July 9 : India's very own Social Networking Site a social networking site is launched by Anand Giri (29) a Industrialist from Bangalore. He becomes your first friend on Myadda as soon as you register. The registration is very simple and fast, hardly takes 2 minutes. The profile contains a special section as Schools & Companies which may be useful to find you old school day crush. And if you pathetic ones didn't have any crush and desperately looking for one, then you can also date or show your interest in gettint married. The site is not very populated hence you have to be very patient.

When you login you have to choose login as Social or business I have to find the idea behind it when I have the time. I didn't like the idea behind having case sensitive usernames, it may be irritating to many people and they will find themselves clicking on "forgot password?" the very next time they are back on the site. There are somethings which you may want to have or there are something which may not be working, but it is mentioned by Myadda that they are currently in beta stage, these things may happen and they are open for feedbacks.

Overall Myadda is indeed a very good tool and may satisfy the appetite of Indian netwokers with improvements as it crosses it's beta stage. All the best guys!!!

What can myadda do for you ?
* Build Business Contacts
* Meet New Friends
* Reunion with Old Classmates
* Create the fun of Addas
* Find Soul Mates
* Enrich your Lifestyle
* Have Unlimited Fun