Thursday, July 8

Study of the Indian B2B publishing market

A study by Business Strategies Group (BSG) Ltd., ranks CyberMedia's Living Digital and PC Quest as the top two IT publications in terms of circulatio. This is the first ever study of the Indian B2B publishing market and covers revenue through advertisement, circulation and reach of the magazines, events organized and the future of the medium. The highlights mentioned on CIOL's site are listed below:
* The market for B2B events is currently worth around $75 million in organizers' revenues

* On-line revenues from Internet-based promotional and marketing activities could double in 2004 to reach $22 million. However, given the rapidly increasing Internet usage within business, it is likely to grow fast.

* Despite changes in government policy on foreign investment in mid-2002 were, regulatory barriers to involvement in the market by foreign companies remain substantial.

  - Australian financial services group acquired 19 percent stake in Hindustan Times

  - Financial Times picked up 13.5 percent stake in Business Standard

  - Dow Jones announced an agreement with Bennett Coleman & Co, publishers of Times of India and The Economic Times, to establish a joint venture to publish an Indian edition of the Wall Street journal.