Saturday, July 17

Time to change the internet browser ?

The problems with the Microsoft's broswer software Internet Explorer are increasing day by day. Every day your hear about some new warning , patch, exploits and so on. It can be said that Microsoft produces more patches than the application software. (And they say that Open source in insecure). The reason behind the problem getting so critical is that more than 95% internet population uses MS IE and that's the most wonderful opportunity and heaven for hackers, virus & worm developers developers, and all those who need an opportunity to screw. Just imagine find one bug / loop hole and the entire world is yours.

A wired article (Cool Ways to Give IE the Boot ) looks at the different alternatives available in the internet browser market - Mozilla FireFox , irider , Deepnet Explorer , Opera & Safari (mac).

Recently I have myself been a target of lots of Spyware, browser hijackers and trojans which are mainly due to IE's vulnerabilites. These are very annoying they are not only irrtating and frustrating but you also spend lots of time and efforts to eradicate them. Just imagine if a single person wastes 1-2 hours of internet time on some pain in the ass, how many would be wasting their time and energies all over the world ?.

Its time to change your browser honey .