Friday, October 15

The 3rd World : Corruption / Corrupt Childrens

My blogs has mainly remained as a linklog. I thought may be I should enlighten all the dedicated readers of my blog with my knowledge and wisdom. After all I live in Thirld World - you just need to breath with your open eyes. You don't have to be adventurous to go out and seek the experience. Experiences come to you, 24x7x365 otherwise you must either by dead or living only on page 3 of some toilet paper.

The Corruption :

Some days back a school kid came to me and my friend asking for donation for the upgradation of their School building. We were having a first world drink - *** cola at that time.

We were looking at the form and some other local kid came and said, "Uncle, don't give him anything, I used to study in the same school earlier. They used to send us for the same type of collection drive, but never did anything for the school, it all went in to their pockets".

But since we didn't want to upset that kid who must be hardly 10-12 ( and the kid who educated us was also 10-12 something ) we both gave the kids - few bucks.

The beauty is see how educated our third world childrens are. First world kids can't even spell 'corruption' at this age and our third world kids - know it by experience.

Q. Why that kid called me uncle ?
B'cos we are third world people are knitted with a tight social fabric. Never know who might be of help for a favour or recommendation. Stupid first world people need online social networking site to socialize, what a waste...