Saturday, May 31

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Friday, May 30

Opensource is present even in Indian President's agenda

Our esteemed Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has again proved that he is a true visionary. In his recent speech at International Institute of Information Technology in the university city of Pune insisted the use of Opensource technologies. He further added that open-source software offers developing nations such as India the best opportunity to modernize.
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Read the transcript at official president of India website

It is very much true that India which is a developing country and major provide of Information Technology Intellect to the entire world must start focussing on the opensource movement not from the point of view of individual programmers and uses but as a country. Indian educational institutes are already showing the initiative by incorporating the opensource in the syllabus, the students are also encouraged to take up opensource projects. On top of it, Indian government and large institutions like banks, etc have started recognizing opensource in their official IT Tenders. The only thing which is required is to change the attitude towards the opensource ... " Opensource is not cheap alternative, It is the serious alternative".

IndiaCause - Analysis & Activism


" - is Representation of Indians in North America and across the world. This movement was founded in fall of 2000 with objective of creating social awareness and sense of national pride among Indians. There are about 7,000 members on our mailing list.

Our first mission is to defeat following three enemies of India:

1. Pakistan sponsored terrorism in J&K and related Anti-India propaganda.
2. Anti-India bias by Western Media
3. 'PSEUDO-Secularism in India' that divides India on religious lines."

- Taken from India Cause Web site.

Thursday, May 29


Zednet Uk news points that Google could be five times faster and mentions about a team at Stanford University who have found a method to speed up PageRank, Stanford researchers have developed a trio of techniques based on a branch of mathematics called numerical linear algebra. These methods are described in their three papers.

Now this can be little bit of GOOGLYYYY when you read all of the article about "Page Rank" and all that stuff. Reasearch Buzz who have all sort of tricks (hacks) to do with Google moreover they are quick, dirty and simple. GOOO get it at BuzzToolBox

Indian Prime Minister is retiring :-O

Indian Prime Minister made headlines today by declaring that " I will retire and accept defeat" if his current peace initiative with Pakistan fails...I can't believe this... what a great sacrifice he is going to make for the country. He is still in his sweet 80s a decades of political career remaining. What a great loss to our country. I am sad but I am too old to retire as I am 27 YEARS OLD.

Wednesday, May 21

Why do we blog ?.

My own reasons, I may be wrong but I have the right to speak.

Not so serious reasons:-

1) Because we all like to talk and what's better than talking... and listening to the same again and again and making it immortal on some web page.

2) By blogging we want to confirm that we are superior and not so really idiot like every other idiot except me.

3) The HTML exists, the web exists, browsers come by default, internet access is cheap, blogging sites are free, office time is free, mind is also free... and so and on.

some other rare reasons :

1) It's a killer knowledge tool.
2) Generate great thoughts
3) It confirms the thought of like-minded people.
4) There are "very few" good people on this earth who should really speak but media like films, television and now even newspapers are more about " blood, boobs and butts". But heay ! you can meet these people on the net, blogging.
5) It is a harmless, peaceful and most constructive method of expression.
6) It's simple, sexy and cool.

Tuesday, May 20

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