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Bombay First

Bombay First is an initiative to make the city a better place to live, work and invest in. It aims to serve the city with the best that private business can offer. It will achieve this by addressing the problems of today and the opportunities of tomorrow, through partnerships with government, business and civil society.

Vision Statement:
Bombay First will help to improve the economic and social infrastructure of the city to make it globally competitive and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Bombay First aims to achieve its mission by :

  • Advocating : creating public opinion based on facts and researched information.
  • Networking : bringing together people and institutions from diverse fields to resolveproblems and find solutions.
  • Catalyzing : creating an environment, by setting in motion processes whereby things begin to happen.
  • Facilitating : forming an agenda for action and helping to organize resources for effective, efficient performance.


    As expected, section of politicians and the Pseudo-Secular media are pointing their fingers at Gujarat as the cause of the Mumbai blasts. This is exactly what they want Indians to believe. This is the typical promotion of Jihadism by the Indian P-Sec community. According them, any terrorist attack on India is of a ‘retaliatory’ nature and hence ‘expected’ or may be ‘rightful’. Thank God, they are not pointing ‘Gujarat’ fingers to 9/11, Bali, UN and many such terrorist attacks, before and after.

    In reality, the Pakistan sponsored terrorism has nothing to do with any event in India. The ultimate objective of Pakistan is ‘balkanization’ of India and hence the attacks on India will never cease untill our politicians can show the ‘Iron will’ to wipe out Pakistani terrorism. Pakistan can not continue their terrorism even one day if the international community desires so. For the international community to desire so, India will have to become the economic and the military power with ‘Will’ to destroy the terrorist network, infrastructure and camps across the border and ‘liquidate’ their leaders. And to develop that “will” our P-Sec community and the politicians need to be exposed and thrashed forever.

    [Source : NewsLetter, Read complete article at Indiacause]

    Mumbai Bomb Blast : Crocodile Tears

    Every death is an opportunity for the politicians to appear in the news channel and do the verbal fart. All the politicians from state level to national level were here, were here for what? Don't they know, that their visit will put extra stress on Police force & extra burden on city which is already depressed. And what do these politicians exactly do over there? nothing...just verbal farting and shitting around (sorry the shit word has more value than their words).
    Times Of India : On the front page in the article : Visiting Politicians get the stick : 27 August 2003
    TOI recived many letter from the readers and collected comments from various people on the politicians who open their shop at the site of disaster.
    Homai Elavia says : "It's bad enough that citizens of Mumbai have to face periodic bomb blasts. What's worse is to listen to 'chota-mota' politicians shooting off their big mouths," on the BJP action(?) of demanding resignation of the ruling government, "if this is all they have to say at this time, shut up."
    Nawaz Mody, head of the politics department at Mumbai University, blames it on the television age, "Increasingly, politicians views these tragedies as photo-ops and literally jostle to get into the frame. What they don't realize is that the public can see just how shameless they are."
    While these politicians & VIPs were at the disaster sites and hospital indulging in "crocodile-tears" tourism.......
  • 200 shops in the Mumbadevi area were forced to shut their shop.

  • The peace of hospital and relief operation were distrubed at JJ and G.T hospital.

  • At these hospital distraught friends and relatives were kept outside, for the comfort and security of these VIPs in the hospital.

  • Throughout Mumbai you could see more police on roads for the safety of these VIPs and not Mumbai.

  • Wednesday, August 27

    Why Mumbai Has Become The Target Of Terrorism

    B. Raman on Sify writes : Like New York in the US, Mumbai in India has been a tempting target for jihadi terrorists since 1993. It is the economic and financial capital of India. It is the base of India's off-shore oil industry. It is one city in India, which comes nearest to any Western city in its role as the engine of India's industrialisation and modernisation. It provides a vision of what the rest of India could be in the years to come if the modernisation and globalisation policies of the Government continue to make progress. More...

    Taxi driver provides vital clues to Mumbai blasts

    Tuesday, August 26

    Mumbai Bomb Blast & Politics

    Describing the bomb blasts in Mumbai today as "extremely alarming", the Deputy Prime Minister, L.K. Advani, said that investigations were on to establish who were behind them.

    (Dear Sir. now you find it "extremely alarming"... did you earlier think it was a "Die Hard" sequel)

    He said the security agencies would know within a short time who was behind the explosions. Mr. Advani, who is scheduled to visit Aurangabad tomorrow, may also visit the blast sites.
    (They will be making a great achivement, after the naming ceremony... everything will be accomplished and more blast case will be eagerly awaited)

    The Defence Minister, George Fernandes, said he suspected that the blasts were the handiwork of terrorists. "My impression is some terrorist group must have masterminded the blasts," Mr. Fernandes, said in Nagpur, after attending a function at Amravati.
    (Oh we thought, some kindergarden kids were playing bomb...bomb)

    Dear politicians, keep your mouth shut...let the death not be mocked.

    The Union Minister of State for Home, Swami Chinmayanand

    Honourable Sh. Swami Chinmayanand , The Union Minister of State for Home, Swami Chinmayanand states that there has been no failure of intelligence (agency) regarding Mumbai Bomb Blast. Only thing that happened was, the last blasts were not taken very seriously. This is what our home minister speaks, we must be obliged that he didn't say "Its God Wish".

    Monday, August 25

    Mumbai Bomb Blast

    We could have never imagine that would give these links on their page for Mumbai. Unfortunate but true...Mumbai, the dream city is on the headlines of media all around the world for a reason which is very heartbreaking. Mumbai is the city of hope, dreams, fast pace, and life ...lots of life.. the city never body can stop mumbai...but mumbai is broken...into pieces...after 1993 and recent was carrying a scar and once again its wounded again...the city will live.. it can never die.. but for some would the same also ..between the bomb blast...some of us ...are happy to go home early...have a cutting tea and vada pav ..near the crowded stalls at stations...people were more shocked by 9/11...but we as a indian or as a mumbgaikar ... have accepted the terrorism... as far is nobody from our family is is somebody elses loss...i am ashamed...the city is killed...and the life goes it our victory ... is it our tolerance... what is it? may be mumbadevi and gateway of india are not as glamorous as twin towers...

    death is photogenic...

    Serial blasts rock Mumbai, 40 killed

    No Singaporeans hurt in Mumbai blasts, so far: MFA

    Stocks, Rupee and bonds fall after Mumbai blasts

    Twenty-five Killed, 100 Injured in Mumbai Explosions (Update1)

    CM asks Mumbai residents to stay calm

    Pakistan says Mumbai bomb blasts acts of terrorism

    Blasts shock Mumbai into silence

    Mumbai witnesses six blasts in eight months

    ... more on mumbai bomb blast

    Serial Bomb Blasts in Mumbai

    Today, till 1.56 noon there have been 4 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai.

    Coming Up....
    Updated Body Count minute by minute on TV channels.
    Spicy Gossips and Jokes in every corner
    Shiv Sena and BJP will declare 4 day bandh (if this stops at 4) ( at the rate of 1 day per blast)
    People will enjoy stay at home
    News channel who are up to date, will have increased revenue.
    Retired judges will get employement in commission
    CBI will be asked to investigate.
    Politician will have party on this serial funeral
    New vote bank and slogans will be created

    and so on and so on and so on



    Star Parivar Awards

    Yesterday I was very fortunate to see the Star Parivar Awards, a Star India Hindi Channel's self appreciation awards. One of the wonderful award presentted was "Best Saut" on television. Saut = Second Wife / Mistress. Star TV is laying the foundation of intellectual out of family relationship, how exiting! when we will have relationship in abundance. A child will have option to choose a new father or mother on a montlhy or weekly basis, you will be able to have weekend wife & so on.....

    Coming up from Star Plus...
    Best Bastard
    Best Divorce
    Best Pimp
    Best Prostitute
    Best Rape
    Best Abortion
    Best Incest

    Remember, it's all in the family. Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. Kyoki Saas Bhi Kabhi Saut Thi, Des Me Nikali Hogi Saut....

    Friday, August 22

    Drink Pesticides Have Fun, Die Early

    Indian government declares Pepsi and Coke are safe to drink by domestic standards(?).On the other hand, DDT, lead, zinc become part of vegetable soup recipe as discovered by the All India Coordinated Research Project on Pesticides (AICRP). So you must not worry over pesticides in Soft Drinks, you are also having your daily dose through...
    Drinking Water
    Milks and so on...

    Relax, Shiv Sena and BJP and all other Swadeshis are not going to act on this, 'cos these things are 100% made in India. In india once the problems becomes universal it becomes a part of commonly accepted standards. So by our domestic standards.... "drink pesticides have fun, die early". - Indian Democrazy Rocks!. Long Live Indian Politics and Public Awareness.

    Thursday, August 21

    Life and Death of Kevin Carter

    Kevin Carter (1961-1994) - South Africa Pulitzer Prize winner, Kevin Carter, took his own life months after winning the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography for a haunting Sudan famine picture. A free-lance photographer for Reuter and Sygma Photo NY and former PixEditor of the Mail&Gaurdian, Kevin dedicated his carrer to covering the ongoing conflict in his native South Africa. He was highly honoured by the prestigious Ilford Photo Press Awards on several occasions including News Picture of the Year 1993. Kevin is survived by a seven year old daughter, Megan.
    [Source - ]

    Monday, August 18

    Indian Reforms : Need For Speed

    Indian Privatisation Minister Arun Shourie has warned that China’s economy will outstrip India’s six times over in the next 15 years if India continues with its present slow pace of economic reform. :: ARAB TIMES :: Speed up reforms or China will outstrip India six-fold- Arun Shourie
    Also supporting is the report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) said US government officials and analysts believe that India has tremendous long-term potential for economic growth but they also think that excessive regulations and bureaucracy could hinder realization of that potential. :: SIFY :: Regulations hamper India's growth: Report

    History of Mathematics in India

    In all early civilizations, the first expression of mathematical understanding appears in the form of counting systems. Numbers in very early societies were typically represented by groups of lines, though later different numbers came to be assigned specific numeral names and symbols (as in India) or were designated by alphabetic letters (such as in Rome). Although today, we take our decimal system for granted, not all ancient civilizations based their numbers on a ten-base system. In ancient Babylon, a sexagesimal (base 60) system was in use.
    - Read the entire Article : Science in India: History of mathematics: Indian Mathematicians and Astronomers,

    Saturday, August 16

    NDTV : Amir Khan and Barkha with Indian Soldiers

    Amir Khan belongs to one of the rare and extinct categories of 'intelligent' film personalities in India. He once again proved himself to be the action man, by spending 2 weeks with Indian soldiers at the border. Yesterday on NDTV there was a long programme which showed Amir Khan in person chatting with the indian soldiers and having a nice entertaining time with them. The porgrammes was covered by none other than one of the few intelligent faces on the indian television scress - Ms. Barkha Roy, she is also famous for her 'Kargil coverage'.

    Amir is rarely seen in the public events and the stage shows, atleast in my knowledge he rarely participates in a commercial stage shows and other functions. By other functions I mean, performing in private parties, marriages and birthday's.

    But he was at his best with the Indian Soldiers and gave entertaining replies to the questions asked by soldiers. He danced and sang along with them. Only Amir was not on the stage, there were also some 'star soldiers' performing on the stage and Amir was delighted to be the one of the audience.

    The most moving part was when soldiers cried, when they were shown recorded video messages from home asking them "Ghar Kab Aooge?". (When you will come, home).

    Message from Indian Soldiers on religion and hindu-muslim unity.

    " In army there is only one religion, i.e to serve the nation" - by an indian soldier"

    NDTV, Barkha, Amir... there could have been no other way to celegrate our 56th Independance Day. These unknows soldiers protect our independance, isn't it. Let's say thanks to them.

    Ethnic Films

    Mr. Satish (Ethnic) Kaushik is a great ethnic film director, he is father of ethnic movie making in India. He has made a ethnic film called ehtnic 'Tere Naam' an unfortunate (ethnic) obsessive love story. It stars ethnic Salman Khan in new and ethnic hair style with an ethnic cigarette in his hand, he wears ethnic pants and ethnic leather wear. This ethnic movie shows and ethnic small village with ethinic villians and ethnic sex bombs with ethnic psychos behind them.

    - The ethnic behind the scenes look, from the making of 'Tere naam'

    Please stop me, make me cry, I may die laughing.

    Statuatory Warning : Ethnicity is injurous to brain.

    Coming up : Ethnic porn.

    Wednesday, August 13

    TIME - Richard Corliss - Bollywood: Frequently Questioned Answers
    Richard Corliss gets an education in Indian cinema from his readers
    1. Why are Indian movies so long?
    2. Why don't the characters kiss on the mouth?
    3. Why do the characters have to sing and dance?
    4. Why don't the actors sing?
    5. Why can't they dance?
    6. Why are the actors usually light-skinned, even in films from Southern India?
    7. What's with those kooky credits?
    8. What's the Hindi word for "plagiarism"?
    9. Tell me about non-Bombay Indian cinema.
    10. Where can you get DVDs?

    Also find what BollyWHAT has to say about this.

    Tuesday, August 12

    Remembering Dewang Mehta (1962-2001)

    Dewang Mehta was born on August 10, 1962. He was the brand ambassador of the entire Indian IT Industry and did a wonderful job when he was the president of NASSCOM.

    To commemorate the birth anniversary of Late Dewang Mehta, NASSCOM, National Association of Software and Service Companies, has announced its support for the Indian team that is participating at the International Olympiad in Informatics 2003. - News Today

    Remember this man was among the first ones to say...
    "India has all the pre-requisites to emerge as the software superpower of the 21st century". - Late Dewang Mehta


    Monday, August 11

    Rain Water Harvesting . Org - Solution to water crisis - Technology and Systems

    Yesterday I came across a wonderful advertisement of This ad is so brilliantly conceptualized and developed that you will be surely inspired to do something about the water harvesting. Rainwater Harvesting - Solution to water crisis - Technology and Systems

    Saturday, August 9

    Living by the Book

    Linda Knapp writes on Seattle Times how Books offer step-by-step way to learn new software
    The convinience of the electronics is immense but our analog eyes will take some time to get compatible with the digital screens. Books helps in the in-depth learning of a subject at our convinience, all other methods act as additional ways to gain knowledge. Classroom learning and practice sharpens our knowledge but the basic foundation can be laid only after a thorough reading.

    SCO Battle Rooted In Unix History

    CRN : Daily Archives : SCO Battle Rooted In Unix History . Matthew Fordahl explains on CRN how SCO Group's is attempting to squeeze a revenue stream out of Linux is rooted in the long and tangled history of computer operating systems.

    Rajat Kapoor, Movie (Raghu) Romeo

    Rajat Kapoor, an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), also actively involved with theatre, acting and modelling on both TV and film. He was Preity Zinta's maternal uncle in movie "Dil Chahta Hai", this handsome and intelligent looking person has also entered into film making.

    Raghu Romeo is his latest venture, which has also entered in to Locrano Film Festival. Raghu Romeo is ...
      ""...about a about a man who takes television too seriously. The 30 year old waiter lives with his widowed mother in a ramshackle lower middle class tenemant. A dancer, Sweety, is in love with Raghu and a gangster Anna is in love with Sweety. One shining light inspires Raghu to coast through his humdrum existence with a semblance of equanimity - the ideal woman Neeta who unfortunately is not a real person but a character in the long running all time hit soap opera, Dard. Reshma, the actress who plays Neeta, is hardly like the character she portrays. What happens when reality collides with fantasy? A madcap adventure that ends with Raghu finally growing up.""- Synopsis at

    Raghu is played by Vijay Raaz, an always brilliant actor. You must remember this noticable actor from "Monsoon Wedding", he had played the "Shaadi Ka Contractor".

    The most innovative thing about this movie is the arrangement of finanance. When Rajat felt short of few lakhs for this movie, he floated email to his friends to become part producers of this movie and yes, he got support and finance through this. Really, anything is possible if you have passion and determination.

    I have not seen the movie, but storyline and the people involved are really exiting. Best of luck to these guys who give us the real different movies.

    Friday, August 8

    India's first ‘Nigeria 419’ case registered

      It’s official now—the Howrah, Kolkata-based businessman, Piyush Kankaria is the first "officially registered" victim of Nigeria 419 Scam in India and the West Bengal police is the first, to register it. Piyush’s complaint was registered by the Howrah police under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code along with Section 75(2) of the IT Act 2000.

    India's first ‘Nigeria 419’ case registered CIOL
    Read my previous blog entry = Nigeria 419 Scam /Advance Fee Fraud regarding this. The CIOL also maintains - Nigeria 419 Scam /Advance Fee Fraud… A Resource Guide

    Monday, August 4

    ExTerminators:The Judgement Day & the GigaDeaths

    Hugo de Garis is concerned that massively intelligent machines ("artilects") could become infinitely smarter than human beings, leading to warring factions over the question: should humanity risk building artilects? Result: gigadeaths. Read his article "Building Gods or Building Our Potential Exterminators?"

    With the help of Moore's Law he points that Robot artificial intelligence is evolving a million times faster than human intelligence as the chip technology is advancing and increasing the electronic performance massively. He himself is involved in the development of the artifical brain and believes that soon the artificial brained "artilects" (artificial intellects) would be million times more intelligent than the human beings.

    For humans he predicts "gigadeaths", the results of the war between the anti-humans and anti-machine groups. He uses the word 'giga' since we will be much more equipped and capable of mass killing each other.

    I am basically anti-machine since I believe there has to be limit and ethics to everything. And believe it or not, even if you are not the fan of Terminator and Matrix and similar sci-fi, the end of humans from the hands of robots and cyborgs is very much near. But, Mr. Hugo raises a very valid, strange and shocking point. In the very modern and futuristic world, cyborgs and robots will be the extension or evolution of human beings. If we stop at just being human, he thinks that it will be more tragical than getting killed by robots.

    Extending this debate further...
  • Can we non artificial and natural, made in flesh human beings take this planet further?.

  • Can we truly say that we are moving towards the better civilized society and better human civilization.?

  • Are we safe from each other? Or will we be more safe from robots and cyborgs than humans?.

  • If we have not made the better society and better utilization of resources, what is the possibility that our future will be safe in hands of we, the humans.?

  • Will it be not a better option, if we gave this artifical robots to save the nature?

  • Even if this planet is supposed to meet the same future of destruction, wouldn't it be better if it meet its end through super intelligent robots than super self-destructing humans

  • Please remember...
    All our progress is measured in artificial world, naturally speaking we are a failure. The natural evolution of human beings has already stopped.m - Santoshkumar

    Experential Marketing

    Dr. Bernd Schmitt is a professor in Columbia Business School and recently conducted a seminar in India on Experential Marketing and stressed on Customer Experience Management (CEM).
    He elaborates on providing the wholesome experience to the customer; that can be a end user, or the business partner (B2B) and most importantly it can also be the internal employee. The wholesome experience constitutues the unique scenario in which customer is 'in', the current trends, the needs of the customer, the emotion of the customer, making the product appealing to the customer so that all his senses are involved. The product should be exiting to hear, look, feel, touch & use.

    Mumbai Dying

    Mumbai is one of the richest cities in the world and definitely the richest city in India. But nowhere else in the World you can find the costliest piece of land attached with a slum. That's mumbai, very unique and very disturbing.

    The Mumbai Experiment:
    Take small stones and pebbles, put them in a jar and shake it vigorously. The mumbai is the jar and the stones and people are mumbaikars, brushing each other, struggling and often hitting each other but no one is standing still because one cannot afford to stand still in Mumbai. He will be hit, thrown and replaced.

    The Mumbai's Slums:
    If you are pro poor and very romantic & artistic person, you would love to fart about the unity in diversity of Mumbai. But mind you, diversity only looks good when you are observing from a distance and you are definitely not in it. People who are away from it, either disgust it or fantasize human rights and what not?. People who face it are the Middle Class, people who educate themselves, fight hard for jobs, run for home loans for a place which is outside the city just because the land which is available in the city has either been commercialized or slumized. The middle class deserves no free lunch. But these poor people who are land encroachers will get free accomodation under the slum rehabilitation scheme. The fact is very much evident that Indian democrazy never recognizes talent and merit, it only recognizes vote bank.

    Post Rehabilitation:
    Is rehab a solution? What do these slum dwellers come to Mumbai. Some are genuine and most of are here for wrong reasons; films, crime, prostitution, injustice, etc. Some of their problem can be very much solved at the source of it. But we never try to solve any problems at the source, becuase if the problem is solved at source it is 'eradicated' and prevented to grow. If some problems can be prevented, how politician will fuel their manifestoes and speeches.

    After we rehab the slums in concrete strucutures, what are they supposed to do? Do they open a canteen, barber shop, butcher house, shoe polish, laundry, brotherel, garage, pan-bidi shop, etc on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the building provided to them. The slum economy is very hard to understand and very complex, the slum economomy is a road economy, the slums are growing and existing beacause a slum is a market cum resedential complex. If you take the slum out of the market crashes and these slum dwellers will have a more tough life, becase their existance is not based on the survival of the fittest and upon the merit system.

    The Solution: Understand & Act:
  • If you think this is Mumbai's problem, you are wrong and or idiot, stupid or corrupt. This is problem of the nation beacuse every city has a slum.

  • This problem is linked with education, health-care, infrastructure and employment.

  • This problem exists because we have not been able to isolate villages and cities, understand their unique requirements and meet the needs for the development.

  • Development need not be in 'pockets' it must spread everywhere.

  • The talent and merit system should be applicable everywhere.

  • The laws is a not a historical text, it is a system, therefore it becomes useless after certain period.

  • There should be law for marriages & having number of childrens. You must qualify to become a parent. Notice to all NGOs and Human Rights Organization (before they cry & shout). Reproduction cannot be considered as a human right, because here were are not talking about the rights of the parent, we are talking about the rights of the childrens.

  • Rural India needs focus and development.

  • Politicians should be accountable on a daily basis in the office and in the house (parliament). There should be a point system to all there activities, the person who gets the set number of points should only be allowed to contest for an election or atleast that should be a crtiteria for evaluating candidates. We must exactly now how many hours a these politcians put in usefull activities.

  • All the government activities must be transparent. I must know as a citizen what is happening in my state. Not by going to certain government office but through technologies like Internet & networked kiosks.

  • To sum up the matter, yes, the solution is not simple because the problem is complex. Therefore it does not deserve an instant solution at the destination, it should be treated at the source which is very long and uncomfortable.

    OOps! Do you still think it is the problem of Mumbai???