Thursday, August 28 Explains Terrorism

As expected, section of politicians and the Pseudo-Secular media are pointing their fingers at Gujarat as the cause of the Mumbai blasts. This is exactly what they want Indians to believe. This is the typical promotion of Jihadism by the Indian P-Sec community. According them, any terrorist attack on India is of a ‘retaliatory’ nature and hence ‘expected’ or may be ‘rightful’. Thank God, they are not pointing ‘Gujarat’ fingers to 9/11, Bali, UN and many such terrorist attacks, before and after.

In reality, the Pakistan sponsored terrorism has nothing to do with any event in India. The ultimate objective of Pakistan is ‘balkanization’ of India and hence the attacks on India will never cease untill our politicians can show the ‘Iron will’ to wipe out Pakistani terrorism. Pakistan can not continue their terrorism even one day if the international community desires so. For the international community to desire so, India will have to become the economic and the military power with ‘Will’ to destroy the terrorist network, infrastructure and camps across the border and ‘liquidate’ their leaders. And to develop that “will” our P-Sec community and the politicians need to be exposed and thrashed forever.

[Source : NewsLetter, Read complete article at Indiacause]