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Psychometric or Behavioural Assessment

The conventional method of recruitment process is more of a technical process and does not give any assessment of the candidate from the psychic point of view. That is you cannot judge whether a person who claims to be a very patient person is really patient, a candidate claiming to be friendly is really friendly and a person claiming to be team player is really a team player. To overcome the shortfall of the traditional recruitment process the latest buzzword found is : PSYCHOMETRIC or BEHAVIOURIAL testing. Comapnies like Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Dell, GE, AOL, Siemens are all implementing these tests in their recruitment process. Mr. Murlidhar S, director of MeritTrac, a comptency assessment company says that, "Psychometric assessment completes the selection process along with the ability and skills/knowledge tests. This is the current buzz in the BPO industry, where the call agent has to demonstrate a great deal of patience & empathy while handling a customer call." The emphasis in now given on the 'emotional intelligence' and candidates are now being evaluated for their 'real' personality characteristics, interpersonal style and job specific aptitude.

But what about companies using the buzz words 'equal opportunity employer', 'annual assessment', 'annual appraisals', 'performace linked incentives', 'healthy environment' etc. etc. Think about it.


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Young Indian Achievers

BHUSHAN MAHADIK (16, Expertise Physical Chemistry) a student of Father Agnel Junior College, Vashi. His synthesis of nanotubes used in capacitors from vegetable oils won him four awards in the Intel sponsored International Science & Engineering Fair 2003 in Cleveland.In the same event MATHILI DAVE (16, Expertise in Medicine), a student of Srimati Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane won two awards for her research on use of coconut flowers to stop uterine bleeding. The dua has planned a great scientific future for themselves, Maithili wants to go in for bio-chemistry and genetics, Bhushan is plannin gfor chemical engineering or research. Maithili has even filed for a patent, while Bhushan is in the planning stage.

On the other hand : A IIT STUDENT DESIGNS A WHEELCHAIR THAT CAN CLIMB STAIRS - RAJAT SHAIL SINGH (26, Master of Design - Product Design), a student of Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT, Mumbai has designed ASCENDER, a wheelchair that can negotiate the stairs. The estimated cost is Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 very cheap and cost effective as compared to the foreign motorised wheelchairs which are very expensive. Cheers!

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Fundamentalism (of any kind) troubles me. The world is too big and too intricate to conform to our ideas of what it should be like. In my experience I've found that most fundamentalists aren't so much attached to their professed ideologies as they are to the way in which these ideologies try to make sense of a confusing world. But the world is confusing, and just because we invent myths and theories to explain away the chaos we're still going to live in a world that's older and more complicated than we'll ever understand. So many religious and political and scientific and social systems fail in that they try to impose a rigid structure onto what is an inherently ambiguous world. I'm not suggesting that we stop trying to understand things. Trying to understand the world can be fun and, at times, helpful. But if we base our belief systems on the humble assumption that the complexities of the world are ontologically beyond our understanding, then maybe our belief systems will make more sense and end up causing less suffering. MOBY

MOBY is a world renowned Techno musician, the same man behind that famous MISSION IMPOSSIBLE theme music. He is a vegeterian by choice and maintains great essays and article about god, religion, fundamentalism, intolerance & humantiy that you MUST READ. And I forgot to mention he maintains a JOURNAL (BLOG) from a long time, Go to MOBY.COM


The Indiatimes article quotes Deshpande in a recent Delhi meeting of TiE where he comments on the spirit of entreprenurship.... “entrepreneurs must have a little childishness in them.” He must be right. Given the current economic downturn and continuing IT downslide, it’s only the most die-hard and, in a way, naïve entrepreneur who would venture out and bet his shirt on a new technology product or service others might find laughable or ‘too impractical.’ Deshpande likened the entrepreneur to the kid who cannot sleep until he gets his hands on the new bicycle promised to him by mommy in the morning.In India besides many other, DESH has invested in Tejas Networks whos performance is quite appreciable in the Optical Networking segment.

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EGAN ORION on THE INQUIRER has posted a artcile "Richard Stallman on SCO versus Linux...Er, we mean GNU/Linux & in turn it conatins the artcile none other than by Father of Free Software Movement - Mr. Richard Stallman , the article titles "SCO smear campaign can't defeat GNU community" He discusses the lawsuit, the unix, linux and gnu linux confusion and his stand on the same. If you want to listen to the god, be there.


Pakistan has publically acknowledged that their influence exists on the the terroists activities in India. President Bush, the democratically elected president has been casually asking the dictator of Pakistan to resolve the Pakistan-India-Kashmir issue and stop the terrorism. But recently since the Pakistan has contributed and helped US target Al-Qaida and US's millitary effort in Afgahanistan. Though it might be a different issue that this was as pathetic as recent "Gulf War" because Laden is not found Saddam is not found. WAR for US is a big business, it won't be surprise to find out that US had fought these war only for the sake of "rest of the world". Laden and Saddam may be enjoying the life somewhere funded by US, the solution is simple... if somebody becomes uncomfortable to the public eye, say that you are killing him and hide him. Am I talking like a idiot, if you know that how JFK was asassinated and for which cause, you will find that I am just putting forward a very possible thing. Coming back to the issue, Read Editorial : Significant US package for Musharraf ' s Pakistan- Daily Times, US may repair, upgrade Pak's F-16s - Times of India.

What very pious and ignorant Musharraf is offering: No guarantee on stopping infiltration in India and advice to USA. And our great Indian Prime Minister is planning to send Indian Troops to Iraq, the result as predicted by me : Pat on (pakistan's) back, grant to pakistan, advice to India and small mention for the martyr soldiers somewhere where it would be as good as invisible. Bravo India, bravo...


Pakistan has publically acknowledged that their influence exists on the the terroists activities in India. President Bush, the democratically elected president has been casually asking the dictator of Pakistan to resolve the Pakistan-India-Kashmir issue and stop the terrorism. But recently since the Pakistan has contributed and helped US target Al-Qaida and US's millitary effort in Afgahanistan. Though it might be a different issue that this was as pathetic as recent "Gulf War" because Laden is not found Saddam is not found. WAR for US is a big business, it won't be surprise to find out that US had fought these war only for the sake of "rest of the world". Laden and Saddam may be enjoying the life somewhere funded by US, the solution is simple... if somebody becomes uncomfortable to the public eye, say that you are killing him and hide him. Am I talking like a idiot, if you know that how JFK was asassinated and for which cause, you will find that I am just putting forward a very possible thing. Coming back to the issue, Read Editorial : Significant US package for Musharraf ’ s Pakistan- Daily Times, US may repair, upgrade Pak's F-16s - Times of India.

What very pious and ignorant Musharraf is offering: No guarantee on stopping infiltration in India and advice to USA. And our great Indian Prime Minister is planning to send Indian Troops to Iraq, the result as predicted by me : Pat on (pakistan's) back, grant to pakistan, advice to India and small mention for the martyr soldiers somewhere where it would be as good as invisible. Bravo India, bravo...


In India corporates provide fund the politicians so that they break the law, but in US its heigher level. Big Biz fund the elections so that the "favourable" laws and policies are made which are beneficial to their business. provides a good statistics of the past 2000 US presidential elections.

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Anti war, is anti war as the name suggests and to be painfully clear. Find everything about the war. It is the best source anti war news, viewspoints & activities (claimed by the site). The information is really overwhelming, see for yourself and find the truth about USA, UK, Predident Bush, President Blair and even if the world is still searching WMD, you can find lots of WMD stuff here and visit the "THE WMD CULT" also.


  • Intellectual-property expert Richard Wilder says the liability issues raised by SCO's Linux lawsuit will force distributors and developers to rethink assumptions about open-source software, IP rights and customer protection.>Read Open Source Time of Truth

  • In an aggressive move that could have a profound effect on open-source software and the Unix arena, The SCO Group—which owns rights to Unix—has issued a warning that Linux is an unauthorized derivative of Unix. The company also says that users of Linux may face legal liability. Read More

  • The above stance of SCO drew the wrath of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), as shown in a paper online at OSI's argument is that the lineage of Unix variants extends in directions beyond what SCO owns the rights to. The paper contends: "We wrote our Unix and Linux code as a gift and an expression of art. We did not write it to have it appropriated by men so dishonorable that after making a profit from our gift for eight years they could insult our competence."

  • UK Govt warned Dont Buy GPL

  • SCO says : It has revoved IBM's licence for UNIX.
  • Please visit the respective links for full story, I have only provided the pointers.



Since British troops are getting killed in Iraq our Indian government is planning that India should also join them. Indian soldiers should also get killed for the cause. It is a very little surprise that just before the war House had resolved against the war, the same is pointed out by the opposition party "Troops to Iraq to violate House resolution: Opp". VP Singh and Gujral whos political career only allows them to pass comments are also against sending the troops to Iraq. And what's the bargain?- India could seek berth in G8 for sending troops to Iraq. Ofcourse, the quickgun BJP is taking the mileage out of it by yelling the slogan "Strong India". The conclusion...the blood of Indian soldiers is cheap, they died in Kargil, they are dying on LOC and now they will die in Iraq. What's the difference, if we were against the WAR initially... can't we do this small thing for President Bush.

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  • Wired reports that experts at a United Nations-sponsored event touted the need for low cost open source Linux to help stimulate the economies of developing nations, i.e " Developing World Needs LINUX"
    "These (Developing) countries need cheap and efficient technology to make the giant leaps necessary to catch up with the rest of the world," said Bruno Lanvin from the World Bank. "Many are now using Linux, which looks to become the No. 1 operating system in China and India soon."

  • Business Week columnist Alex Salkever dropped the bomb last week that next year, "Linux should pass Apple in market share for desktop operating systems on computers." Read Flipping the Switch : Linux's new popularity may hurt Apple more than Microsoft.By Paul Boutin on Slate

  • And why should Linus Torvalds, the founder and lead developer of the Linux open-source operating system, should stop himself by putting some strong views about the legal dispute between The SCO Group and IBM, He shares his views with eWEEK Senior Editor Peter Galli in an e-mail exchange last week.




Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps and the multi-million copy bestselling author of Use Your Head, Use your Memory and the Mind Map Book. His web site Creativity Web suggests some 10 ways to Kickstart your creativity and do you know what's #1 in the list, yes its JOURNALING. Now we bloggers have gone even ahead with this journaling concept. We have made the Journaling an environmentally friendly experience too by saving the paper and going completely electronic. You can quote me on this, lets start...

"Blogging is a creative experience and it's environment friendly too"

- Santoshkumar, The Great


Intel has some great plans for India and some great jobs too. Intel India is looking for Project Managers/Enginerring Managers, Application Developers (Web/SAP-ABAP/Microstragey), System Analysts (Web/SAP), Technical Leads (Datawarehousing) and Systems Engineers (SAP BASIS/ORacle DBA). Apply with Intel India Here. Thinksoft requires Software Testing Professionals, Test Managers and Business Analysts. ProcessMind requires people in Process Consulting / Business Process Analysis / Business Process Re-engineering in financial/insurance/BPO segment. ORACLE is having some exiting opportunities in Bangalore & Hyderabad and they are conducting interviews in Sunday, 29th June 2003. The opportunities are for ERP Professionals: HRMS, Manufacturing & Financial; Oracle Database Administrators, Oracle Application DBAs for their India Support Center. For more information check out Monday 23, Times Accent or check out the respective web sites for complete information and more opportunities.

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This is your last chance baby. Taj Mahal may be only VIRTUAL in the near future. Why don't you visit Taj-Mahal.Net. I can predict that this site is having an excellent FUTURE. Venture capitalists invest the future of this ONLINE TAJ 'cos the REAL TAJ may be no more, very soon. Click NOW, IT's FREE.


TAJ MAHAL may die very soon because some smart asses in the government of India thought that visitors & tourists of TAJ desperately needed some shopping, eating and entertainment experience around Taj Mahal which is such a dull and useless place. How about Mc Donald's or Pizza Hut right next to Taj? or having the wonderful experience of buying your Jockey underwears in front of Taj? How exiting?. Actually these brilliant asses might have thought of having this all "inside" the Taj, but some idiots around the world call it "HERITAGE" site and consider it as some kind of "WONDER". Otherwise you could have bhajiyas & samosas along with coke and pepsi inside Taj. Instead of you having the memories of Taj, Taj would have your farts and burrps as your memories. But any way... the brilliant plan was then modified and constructed "around" Taj. Now you will be able to see some real good concrete beauty around Taj, the mix and match of HERITAGE & and NEW AGE NUISANCE. This construction work is supposed to be going on since November 2002 or May 03 can't say for sure, .... but since Taj is a heritage site nobody noticed it (IGNORANCE IS BLISS!), neither UP Chief Minister nor the central government (?). The construction plan was started without discussing with environment minsitry and acheological department (AMAZING, AS WONDERFUL AS TAJ ITSELF). When these BUSY (?) CENTRAL GOVT. was shown the work around Taj, the so called heritage structure, they took the very quick step of stopping the construction work In Aaj Tak TV news presentations one of the govt. official only admitted that since some construction, a kind of dam like thing whcih will increase the flow of YAMUNA river towards TAJ MAHAL.

TAJ MAHAL was built by Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan as a monument to his love for his favorite wife, Mumtazmahal, who died while giving birth to their 14th child. An army of 20,000 stone masons, gem cutters, marble fitters and laborers toiled for 22 years to build the stunning white-marble monument..

THE BRILLIANT PROJECT The tourism complex would be a 2-kilometer (1.25-mile) corridor filled with shopping malls, amusement parks and restaurants on the banks of the Yamuna River which flows behind the Taj. The development would stand just 300 meters (330 yards) from the world-famous monument.

BRAVO! OOPS WE DID IT AGAINJagmohan told the Indian Express that permission had not been obtained from his ministry, which is responsible for the upkeep of historical monuments. He said the project violated India's Archaeological Sites and Remains Act of 1958.

It is not clear which government department approved the 1.75 billion rupee (US$40 million) project. CLAP CLAP CLAP.
India is such a large country with so many listed and not listed so called heritage sites that these kind of things can happen. And where politicians are busy in pure and pious politics and beaurocrats are busy in tieing the shoe laces of politicians (YES IT HAPPENS IN UP, IN A RECENT FLIGHT IAS OFFICERS HELPED MAYAWATI AND KANSHIRAM TIE THEIR SHOE LACES, THE HERTIAGE CONTINUES) it is not very surprising that they will now probing in to the matter.



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Film on CHILD LABOUR by children wins UK award.

RABIA a seven year old (future of India according to Congress, BJP and rest of the politicians of India) has a little time to enjoy life beacause the future of India is busy in picking rags at the garbage dumps near Rohini in capital of India where the black present of India lies. Rabia is not just the bread winner but she also has to do all the household chorees and look after her ailing family members; paralysed mother, asthmatic father, sister suffering from a skin disease and contantly ill two brothers. THE FUTURE OF INDIA IS VERY COLOURFUL. RASHTRABHASHA HINDI MEIN : BHARAT KA BHAVISHYA KAAFI RANGIN HAI. In Hindi, since I didn't want to upset our young and energetic Prime Minister. Rabia is captured on film by children, who have had equally difficult lives. It is truly inspiring and touching. These four CREATIVE children guided by few adults and producers as children's organization PLAN INTERNATIONAL. won critical acclaim and the Special achievemt Award at the annual media awards function, organized by the London based ONE WORLD BROADCATING TRUST. set up by BBC and ITV.

INDIAN FILMs & TV people should learn something from this and try to become honest with their profession. Majority (more than 99%) of Indian Films and TV do not depict Indian and Indians of today. Mr. Naseeruddin Shah rightly said once that "say after 20 years if we wanted to show our kids what was India and how were Indians in our (this) time, we will have NOTHING to show". Think About It.

Upset with USA

Thomas L Friedman offered "brief theory of everything" about why so many people are upset with America. His thesis : America has begun to touch other people's lives more than their own goverments do and therefore people all over the world want to be able to vote on American power. He invited readers to to email their opinions and recieved over 8,000 e-mail messages. According to him two themes stood out : (1) People are now interested in foreign policy in the wake of 9/11 & Iraq and (2) People are worried about how alienated America is becoming from the world, blaming Bush and the world and feeling that something important is being lost.
The summary of the messages which he recieved:

  • USA has been the beacon of hope past half a century to the disfranchised, thw wounded, the the refugees" ( we have now lost the hope now)

  • USA now was a Fair Arbiter of the World, The world doesn't wan't to see USA morph into just another imperial power
  • Many of us in the world are frightened by the unproposed power of an Administration that has total disregard for those who disagree with it and threatens the future of this world with its indifference to anything outside it's own plans...

  • READ MY LIPS : For better or for worse the world is a buch of petulant teenagers that now think of us (the US) as the parent. They want our protection, our comfort (ourfinancial suport). They want us out of their rooms while keeping them tidy, freedom to mock us but come to us hwn they have problems... Most of all, they want no resposibility for their own behaviour. We should understand them.'Bout cover it? Only answer is for kids to grow up, realise parents don't have all the answers and are, at best, imperfect being themselves."

  • World are your listening?, India are you listening?, Mr. vajpayee are your listening?. Think About It.

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RED HAT's earning meets expectationsand FORBES points the limitations of LINUX. RED HAT had a 10% increase in the growth in the Enterprise segment compared to previous year. On the other hand the second story of "limitations" points our that LINUX may be overhyped and "not a lot of depth" in some areas. The TCO total cost of ownership is also discovered to be high compared to other OS.The story ends with a note that "So, in the end, this is what we know: Linux is here to stay; it will get better; and sometimes it's cheaper than alternatives, but it's not right for every application. We know the very same about Windows."

Keep the track of the RED HAT (nasdaq : RHAT, NEWS, PEOPLE)

Whatever might be the speculations, LINUX has proved that it is a Killer OS and it will continue to do so with the power of OPEN SOURCE. The good news ofcourse is that LINUS TORVALDS is cocentrating again on LINUX development.Let's also hope that SCO Vs IBM legal battle doesn't hurt LINUX. Opensource will ofcourse win the WAR "openly".



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Mr. Arun Mehta and Mr. Crishna, who run a firm called RADIOPHONY has made themselves and India proud by getting a go ahead from Mr. Stephen Hawking on their software Hawking Communicator. Mr. Stephen Hawking is testing their communication software, since he suffers from a degenerative motor neuron illness and can only move two fingers of his left hand, cannot speak, and uses a computer-cum voice synthesizer to communicate with the world.

SanSpeak’s Daily Dose Of Inspiration

“Tundiye mukhalif se na ghabra, ai aqab, / Yeh toh aata hai tujhe aur ooncha
udane ke liye”.
(Don’t be daunted by the adverse wind, oh bird. This gust comes
only to waft you higher). If you know the author of this “sher” please leave a
comment and oblige me.


New York based journalist ROBERT NEUWIRTH is writing a book on slum life in four countries, and has come to Mumbai and staying in slum to feel the “slum life”. According to him the common things in squatters all over the world, are High Crime Rates, Congestion, Battle For Cleanliness, Neglected Kids and Refusal to the resident to move out. In Mumbai he is co-ordinating with NGO Nivara Hakk and he has observed that “Free houses is not the solution to rehabilitate them. A family of 8 living in 225 sq. ft. house is again a slum. We need to harness the energy of this people to make the building plans which are economically viable, while the government should only focus on the infrastructure."


India is home to around 650,000 developers or about 10% of the world’s developer population, and growing annually by the rate of 32%. This growth rate would make the Indian Community of developers the largest in the world in next 2-3 years. That’s why all these bigshots the Monster of IT are eyeing India as a profitable base to name the few - Microsoft, Intel, Sun, Oracle, IBM and consulting firms like EDS & Accenture. The few opportunities which you can fathom right away are as follows:-
- Log on to Microsoft India and choose India Business Center.
- Atos Origin opportunites at Naukri


Uttar Pradesh government has flagged off a bizarre plan last November – “An
architectural nightmare of a shopping mall as the back drop of the TAJ MAHAL
instead of picturesque Yamuna river. I am speechless how stupid and blind can
the Indian Politics and Beurocracy can become. The Central Pollution Control
Board is fuming over the matter since the construction began last November under
the aegis of the National Project Construction Corporation (NPCC) without any
environmental assessment of its impact on the TAJ MAHAL. God please save TAJ
MAHAL and INDIA too. When will your judgment day come?. If this is the future of
WORLD HERITAGE site under UNESCO convention , then what will happen to “Mera
Bharat Mahan”.

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The Girl Power- South Asian Women

I just visited the South Asian Woman Network (SAWNET)'s who's who among the south asian woman web site. Powerful women figures from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc all are listed over here, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Gurinder Chaddha & any women icon you can think of. The list is also sorted by profession like politics, science, activism & so on. There is one more similar site Kalpana Chawla In Space . is still growing, but the main highlight section which is fully functional is the "News" section of, where the site contains all the latest stories related to Kalpana Chawla (i.e in her memories), Indian - IT, Space, Science, Technology. Let us hope that more and more site like the SAWNET and come up to the strengthen the "community" feeling of the internet. Please have a look and if you are coming across any such site, please do not forget to drop a mail at I will be happy and obliged.


SRISTI is a non-governmental organisation setup to strengthen the creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity and developing eco-friendly solutions to local problems

Honey Bee Network
Honey Bee Network brings together those creative and innovative farmers, artisans, mechanics, fishermen and women and labourers who have solved a problem through their own genius without any outside help whether from state, market, or even NGOs. Such self triggered and developed innovations whether technological or institutional are scouted, supported, sustained and scaled wherever possible with or without value addition, linkage with formal science and technology. Idea is to generate incentives and benefits for the innovators. The innovations could be developed by individuals or groups. These may have been developed in recent past or long past and some times these innovations or creative practices might have become part of traditional knowledge. We thus also look for outstanding examples of traditional knowledge, which help in conserving and utilizing natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Why you should join the Honey Bee network.
- If you feel totally dissatisfied with the current mode of dominant mediocrity all around us
- If you feel that lots of poor people are so poor not because they can not think, but - because their ideas and initiatives do not get space for expansion and fulfillment
- If you think that there are many dreams that you had which you could not fulfill in your - life but would like others to fulfill them sooner rather than later
- If you want to invest in green ideas which involve risk but may help society as well as our lives if successful
- If you want to contribute some of your time ( ranging from one day in a month or a year to one hour a day to may be few weeks a year or more) in service of grassroots innovators by contributing towards a skill and resource bank. This bank will be accessible to knowledge rich but economically poor or disadvantaged farmers, artisans, pastoralist, or urban slum dwellers having ideas or prototype of new product or service or any other inventors.
- If you yourself have some innovative green idea and do not know who to contact for making it grow, generate wealth and make this world greener, fairer and more humane
- If you are a scientist or technologist and can pursue research yourself or guide your students to add value in local knowledge and innovations
- If you are an entrepreneur who wants to scale up some other innovator's innovation
- If you are a policy maker who no more enjoys stifling initiative of others and instead enjoys helping others grow
- If you are a teacher who can persuade your students to take pride in augmenting grassroots innovations and help liberate the colonized minds of the elite

Note: All the content is from I have just provided the information for interesting the user to visit the site. Please visit the sristi site and contribute, it's mind boggling what these people are doing. It's kind of Open Source Innovation on fire, by the people, for the people and of the people.

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Jackie Chan's Rush Hour In India?

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan is to visit India later this month to begin work on his latest venture, a $60 million still-untitled action movie, a top Bollywood producer said on Friday.The filmmaker, Mukesh Bhatt said Chan and a team of technicians and co-stars would shoot in regions of eastern and western India.Bhatt's film production company, Vishesh Films, has tied up with Jackie Chan Productions as facilitator of the Indian leg of the project Hindustan Times

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Anusuya's poem and yet another "motivated" book.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, "Words to Break the Silence and Then to Act," 6 September 1995.
Occasion: Speech to the Nongovernmental Organizations' Forum in Huairou, China. The Forum was a part of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. The poem "Silence" was written by Anasuya Sengupta. She was a senior at Lady Sri Ram College in New Delhi, India, at the time she sent the poem to Mrs. Clinton. The poem is a must read even if it surrounded by the speech text.
Two powerful lines from the poem--
"Too many women in too many countries
speak the same language of silence."

This author of this poem along with her poem is also mentioned in Hillary Clinton's latest book. No issues about the poem but media is speculating behind the real motivation behind the book.

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Simputer : It's the coolest one

Encore Simputer, the ‘‘made in India’’ mobile computing device, which was named by Time magazine as "one of the ten best technological innovations for a sustainable world", is now wooing a wider base of customers by porting the Windows operating system (OS) on to the system in addition to Linux. Encore expects the Simputer market to cross 3-million units over the next two years. - Times of India

Introduction of Simputer @
The Simputer is a low cost portable alternative to PCs, by which the benefits of IT can reach the common man.
It has a special role in the third world because it ensures that illiteracy is no longer a barrier to handling a computer.
The key to bridging the digital divide is to have shared devices that permit truly simple and natural user interfaces based on sight, touch and audio.
The Simputer meets these demands through a browser for the Information Markup Language (IML). IML has been created to provide a uniform experience to users and to allow rapid development of solutions on any platform.

Wednesday, June 11

Why am I blogging all this

From now onwards I am stepping down from being a critic. I am planning to write only inspirational and wonderful things in the life and little bit of my pessimistic poems. Cos' I have remembered Del Carnegie - "Nobody wins an arguement". I think I should stop my itch of being a new kid on the blog and concentrate on beautiful things in the life and not get deviated by the botherations. So Mr. Bush, Mr. Musharraf and Mr. Vajpayee Ji I am taking a leave from you (oops I did it again). What I am trying to say that instead of saying "war" i would say "peace". I want peace of myself also, but this world and google news and the morning paper and the latest news channels keep me bothering. I want an escape. Why there is no button on us humans called "Esc?", which we would have liked to press again and again to come out of filthy politics and their wars. (oops I did it again).

Am I Blogging or am I getting crazy.

Think About It (This is for myself)

What is benefecial for India and Pakistan

Everything from origin to food habbits, culture, language & passion for cricket... is similar between India and Pakistan. Yet it is very unfortunate that these two countries share this very awkward postion of enemity. What we can do is to extend our tieups in culture, economics, intellect and business and get benefitted. Both the countries can forget their past and become a great example for the rest of the world. I am sure the political thought and the thoughts of the citizens are surely very different of this issue. If there would have been a difference... Indian pictures won't be hit in Pakistan even after a ban (with piracy ofcourse) and Indians wouldn't love Pakistani cricketers, writers and singger who come and perform in India very often. Whatever difference between these countries exists, are all born out of politics and due to political mistakes committed in the past and their continuation in the present. The essence, the blood and the soil of these two countries is very much the same. Instead of becoming a combined strong force in the asian region we are instead becoming a bad example and allowing other countries... who are least bothered for both of us ... gain an advantage and become our guide or suporter. Do we need an external support to solve "our" matters.? No, but we surely need a political will to do that. Citizens of these nations have nothing great against each other, but there is nobody to listen. We can vote for leadership but we cannot vote for what we want. WE WANT PEACE - A petition from both the sides. I hope somebody is listening.
Think About It.

The option for Kashmir

["It is said that the purpose of repeated extensions of one-sided ceasefire by India is that after the Jehad is stopped, Vajpai is considering the possibility to open talks with Pakistan. Talking is of course better than fighting. But has any Indian leader courage to face the truth? This is an age of democracy. Will any Indian leader be ready to allow Kashmiris to decide their fate by their own free will? Every Indian leader is afraid of the result of such a free plebiscite. They all know it well that, in such a case, Kashmir will no more remain a part of India. Due to this fear, India, like Israel, is not ready to implement UN Resolutions on Kashmir." ] Read More
By Jehadi - Hussain Khan M.A. (Tokyo)

My derivation from the above article
- Pakistan will form a better goverment than India and it will be a better democracy(???)
- Kashmiris won't mind getting called - "Muhajirs"="Refugees".
- In india Muslims are third grade citizens like Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, President Abdul Kalam, etc. etc.
- There are many muslims in UP, MP and Bihar so they should also ask for seperate state or country like kashmir, since he points that it was basis of India-Pakistan partition.
- Pakistan is such a great wonderful nation that "all" the kashmiris are dying to be under there rule or parentship.
- If Kashmir becomes a seperate nation the most supportive partner will be Pakistan.
- If politician don't listen what Jehadi's can do. The only option they have is to kill the innocent people. But Jehad is more important.

With due respect to Mr. Hussein, since he has more authority on this subject I can say something is surely wrong from both the sides. But we don't need a "slogan to inspire killing" we need solution. And that solution is surely not from Pakistan. Period.

India has "gambled for peace" : Holy Bush

Declaring that Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has "gambled for peace", US President George W Bush has conveyed to Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani that the American Government is "conscious" that no progress in Indo-Pak talks is possible unless Pakistan ends cross-border terrorism.

What are you trying to tell Mr. Bush? If these are your words, then are you identifying that Pakistan is really involved in terrorism?. If yes then, are you not going to take the avatar of a "Saviour" and save India and Indian's from them?. You had a slight notion of WMD and you took out your old grudge against Iraq. What is more dangerous and lethal according to you "Iraq- Which might have attacked with WMD" or "Pakistan- Which is already attacking indian peace". Please find the definition of your kind of "Destruction".

Indian seeking America's recognization over Pakistan matter.Best of luck to everybody

After all whatever we do whaterver we want requires Uncles Sams approval, then only it can be "recognized". Superpower's presence in anything is required, if they are not interested nothing can happen. Mr. Bush fantasized "WMD" and Iraq is invaded. Pakistan fuels terrorism, but for that Mr. Bush will do a friendly chat with them and try to convince them. Mr. Bihari and Mr. Advani we are loosing some very precious people out here, our soldiers and our civilians. Think about it, or get convinced(?) by this...

US to push Pak on India talks: Bush
US beginning to acknowledge India as a major power: Advani
bargains troops for Iraq with pressure on Pak

After Mideast, road map for Kashmir?
Pentagon eyes India for forming its base in Asia

Where there is a will there is a way, but the world doesn't have the will to solve India's problem. For that matter, even Indian Leadership doesn't have any will to solve this matter. To get a good bargain for next election and to create a repute they are eyeing for this "talks" matter. Because, "Garibi Hatao", "Edducation for all, Health for all" slogans are very old and Indian's have realized that Indian politicians are never go to fullfill this false promise. So new slogan needs new focus, foucs which was required from long time and should have seen some result by now. But who cares?.

And hey joke of the day...
China to talk Kashmir peace with Pak

Please also see this Tibetain site- INTERNATIONAL TIBET

Tuesday, June 10

Blogging RTFM

BlogRoots Blogging Resource Page

The Art of Blogging - Part 2,Getting Started, "How To", Tools, Resources

Weblog Compendium Tools List

Before starting 2 Blog one must go through these resourceful pages. How could I miss it ? , Google has cheated me I think. You can add loads of goodies in your blogs otherwise suffer like me, everyday I find something which I should have found earlier.
Remember to keep the things KISS (keep it simple stupid!), otherwise you and your readers would go crazy.
Happy Blogging!

Friendly(?) Neighbor Pakistan's accusition.

Our friendly(?) neighbor PAKISTAN asks us (India) to - Resume unconditional talks and accuses India for the delay in commencement of peace talks between the two countries.
Claiming that the Pakistani leadership has been "very constructive, forward looking and positive in their approach towards resumption of dialogue", he said, "unfortunately, we haven't seen the same sort of tone from Indian leadership".

What these guys are upto only they know. Just yesterday it was again voiced by Mr. George Fernandes, the Defence Minister that, Pakistan has not yet stopped it's terrorits activities and sending of trained terrorists in India. I think for Pakistan
Construction= Terrorist Training,
Forward looking = updating the innocent Indian's body count, and
Dialogue = Continuing bloodshed.

Pakistan should consider introducing "construction" in their own country and start thinking about the development work in their country. I hope pakistani people must be also tired of this Kashmir Issue and fundamentalism. What they must be also wanting is Peace, Education, Jobs and Happiness. Pakistan by fuelling terrorism in India will find itself nowhere, personal growth and fertility of their own soild must be more important to them than winning Kashmir, a heaven which they have turned into hell.

Monday, June 9

Let's find WMD baby...

IRAQ: How Bush, Howard and Blair lied about WMD
WMD Again. Bush and Blair Not That Stupid
Whatever, the fact is Mr. Bush is a great president and US has great CIAs, FBIs and so on. It is a very small thing that we have not found Saddam, Laden and WMD. People should appreciate that democracy was re-established there and most important without any civil casualties (atleast it was not on TV). Why are we people against war I can't understand, afterall it's a billions dollars industry for the developed nations. If these nations won't test these little equipments on the lesser important nations how would they show their superiority? and how the soldiers would get the warm up?.

Before spelling WAR and WMD, please SPELL "Life, Humanity, Innocent Civilians, Peace, Soldiers who die for a cause(?) & many more things".
Don't comment if you are not in it, it's not same as watching "Saving Private Ryan" and start verbal farting about it.

Challenging Linux ???

Utah firm's suit against IBM could deal a blow to operating system
SCO Group, a small company in Utah that owns rights to Unix. SCO has licensed its Unix to IBM and many other firms. Now SCO is suing IBM, claiming IBM's been taking SCO's intellectual property and plugging it into Linux -- a sort of binary plagiarism
A shocking thing to learn when you have already been in so much love of the cute TUX. But I think people should find the way out of this. If this is true then it is yet other adulteration of the "big corporate"... their strategy of ruining the good things and if it's not true, then the penguin is raring to go ahead. But can we take precaution against these kind of things?, no we can't. This world has come close but soemtime we may miss our own skin. These things will continue to bother for ever, till the spirit of the people is not open.

10 Things You Can Do to Prevent War

10 Things You Can Do to Prevent War By Geov Parrish
(political columnist for and a longtime peace activist.)

War statistics related to USA

Statistical Summary of America's Major Wars

Oliver Stone = Controversial Cinema = Uncomfortable Truth

Oliver Stone is the father of cult "controversial cinema", anybody would introduce Stone like this only. Yesterday I was watching "Born on 4th Of July" on HBO, and I confirmed my belief again. Stone makes very gripping, fast, honest, blunt and "Slap on your face" kind of movies. He is the director who streches not only his stories, but dialogues, characters and situation to the maximum limit. He is voracious and mercy less story teller. Remember... in JFK the single shot of "JFK hit by bullet" was shown hundred times and each time with more pain and cinematic brilliance. He rips apart whatever is good or bad inside a person he doesn't differetiate between people as good or bad, in his movies most of the time character changes with situation, and that's the beauty of it. He makes a honest cinema which is highly uncomfortable for us to see, because truth cannot be comfortable. His characters are always seeking the truth for themselves and the world they are living in.. be it Charlie Sheen in "Wall Street", Val Kilmer in "The Doors", Cruise in "Born on 4th of July" or Kevin Costner in "JFK". Simply said he makes "Uncomfortable Cinema" as in Truth and Life.

Friday, June 6

CAS- unConditional Access Sytem ???

The country which must be dealing with the friendly(?) neighbors, education, basic healthcare & many more things, is actually dealing with the debate over CAS - Conditional Access Systems. The priorities are strange and unknown but the implementation is immediate. What customer is gaining is choice & freedom (which is not actually available). The customer will end up paying more and is the direct bearer of its implementation since the set top box is at customer's expense. You cannot switch to another cable operator with the same box, you cannot decide what will be FTA - Free To Air for you since it will depend on the geography. So if you are south indian residing in UP, the southern free channels may not be there for you. The prices of individual channels are not yet declared since they are available in buckets only. The broadcaster are themselves confused to declare firmly that they will go for "paid" one since they are very much doubtful over the advertising revenue they are going to miss in the initial period & other teething problems to be faced. But the Indian Goverment has declared a holistic date "14th of July" for the metro implementation.

Think About it.

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NASSCOM projects 26-28% growth

In a press release yesterday, the NASSCOM declared the industry has achieved 26.3 per cent exports growth clocking revenues of Rs 46,100 crore (US$ 9.5 billion). IT services, products and technology services have grown by 18.3 per cent to reach Rs 34,800 crore ($7.2 billion) while the ITES-BPO segment registered a growth of 59 per cent to reach Rs 11, 300 crore (US $2.3 billion).

According to NASSCOM, Indian software and services exports is projected to achieve 26-28 per cent growth clocking a revenue of over US $12 billion in 2003-04. IT services, products and technology services are projected to grow by 17 per cent to reach revenues of over US$ 8.4 billion and the ITES-BPO segment is projected to register a growth of 54 per cent to clock revenues of US$ 3.6 billion during the next year.

- News Today full story.
Stay updated for NASSCOM on Google News.

Wednesday, June 4

The painful thing called life.

Life is pain
Pain flows through pen
And becomes poetry
Is there no difference between blood & ink?
No, as there is no difference between skin & paper
Both are cheap
Blood on screen is entertaining
Somebody else’s pain on paper is entertaining
It only hurts when your skin becomes paper
And somebody else is reciting your pain
That’s the rule of the game
That’s how the pain industry works
Aren’t there beautiful words in any poetry?
Yes, they are. So What?
Have you ever seen that kind of beauty in life?
As found in so called beautiful poems
Beauty is distraction
A short high and a long hangover
So my dear friend
Whoever witnesses beauty in life
Has to find himself punished by an ugly hangover for the entire life.
Then he becomes a serial poet &
Remembers beauty (so called optimistic poems)
And confirms pain (what exists, so called pessimism)
The choice is yours
The words are yours
But the truth is very much same
Beauty is remembered & pain is confirmed.
Life is beautiful. Really?
Go find yourself a life first.
Go find yourself a life first.
Till that time
Life was beautiful.
Now it sucks. Period.

US trying to find a reason for war, after the war

Little bit confusing isn’t it. So what US soldiers were lying idle, they wanted some exercise can’t they kill few people here & there? Is it a great problem that USA is unable to find the weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? The conspiracy theorists now say that the deposed ruler Saddam Hussein had “dual use” facilities. US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Iraq had dual facilities “capable of instant delivery of such weapons of mass destruction while normally producing products for peaceful uses.” On the other hand < a href="">Senator Joseph Biden, a high ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee said “such weapons may have existed but the Bush administration hyped the claims.”

Please (also) note:
No Iraqi citizens was killed in the Iraq war. Even if some were killed then the body count is shamefully negligible to admit.
Only the buildings which were vacant were bombarded.
The reason behind the vacant buildings are quite obvious.
(a) Iraqis were dancing over the news of defeated Saddam
(b) Or giving interviews to western media about how friendly the US soldiers are and how they are thankful to Bush for restoring peace & democracy.
(c) Rest of the Iraqis were busy raiding the shops and the banks during happy hours and were having the complete entertainment and fun by enjoying the loot.

Tuesday, June 3

Pak admits influence over militants entering India

The extra hoily, pious and peaceful Pakistan has finally acknowledged "influence" over terrorists who go across its border into India, compared them to desperate Palestinian suicide bombers, but pleaded complete inability to "rub an Alladin’s lamp" and stop cross-border "martyrdom". Read Times Of India Article

I think the world and most importantly the US of A still needs the proof. A terrorits nation will be given more importance and will be told to talk and talk and talk. In the mean time terrorism can continue & continue & continue afterall then who will buy the arms and ammunition from the "developed countries". (China and Korea, also included). Mr. Bush will again pass a funny statement Pakistan has to end terrorism. And since we are all very much faithful on Pakistan, we are very confident to believe that it will do so. Afterall who can defy mighty Mr.Bush. So terrorism is finally going to end, India and Pakistan will make peace by talking. Yahoo... Let's Party.

India changing image from aid-taker to aid-giver

Indian Govenment has decided to prepay outstanding bilateral debt worth
Rs 7,490.77 crore to 14 countries. India will now receive aid only from
five countries, including Japan, the US, the UK, the European
Commission and the Russian Federation. The 14 countries whose bilateral
aid will be prepaid, comprise the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Italy,
Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Kuwait, Spain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia,
Australia, Russian Federation, Czech and Slovak.

India is also planning to extend his help to other developing nation
and giving concession to those who have already taken the debts from

India on Monday has one of the largest foreign exchange reserves
among all countries in the world at over $ 80 billion. India also has
one of the world's fastest growing economies. The country has been
reducing its reliance on official development assistance over the
years, preferring to attract greater private capital inflows and trade
- Times Of India
This decision is not supposed to affect the aid programmes of
multilateral institutions like the World Bank and the Asian Development
Bank and the United Nations.
More news on Google News

Monday, June 2

What is the Matrix?

That's a question which is bugging even my mind. Whatever, the matrix was a superb movie and I am dying to see the second sequel - The Matrix Reloaded. Have a look at the trailer and find the latest news about the Maxtrix Reloaded. And how can I forget to mention some words of wisdom from the last one.


Morpheus: Do you believe in fate, Neo?

Neo: No.

Morpheus: Why not?

Neo: Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.


Neo: This isn't real?

Morpheus: What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you're talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain.


Morpheus: How did I beat you?

Neo: You -- You're too fast.

Morpheus: Do you think my being faster, stronger has anything to do with my muscles in this place? Do you believe that's air you are breathing now? If you can free your mind, the body will follow.


Morpheus: Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream, Neo? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?



The Suicidal Mind

The one common characteristic of almost all suicides, according to Edwin Shneidman, reagarded as the father of suicide prevention in America, is that they’re caused by pain, a certain kind of psychological pain he calls psychache (sik-ak). “Further-more,” he adds, “this psychahe stems from thwarted or distorted psychological needs.”

The suicide is a very complex and strange phenomenon it is an last stage of ‘clinical depression’. I have used the world ‘clinical depression’ which has certain base for it, because nowadays due to the sedentary or hectic lifestyle nobody is without depression. The ‘clinical depression’ can be very short and impulsive or very chronic one. Sometimes the ‘person’ discusses his problems with his close ones, but as the decision to do the ‘suicide’ nears it becomes very difficult to recognize him/her or sometimes it’s so impulsive that nobody gets a chance to recognize. But the main reason behind the suicide is the unbearable and the highly painful & uncomfortable situation in which the person find himself trapped without anywhere to go. Suicide is not a option which is ‘chosen’ it is an event which ‘happens’. The logical mind can argue that there would have been other options, but the pain at that instant orders that ‘it’ should be executed.

The fact points that there are various familial and genetic reasons which contribute to the risk of suicidal behaviour. That does not mean that all the people with these background commit suicide, it simply points that the chances of committing suicide are more is these cases. They should create a proper support system for themselves and remove all the ‘negative’ from the inside. Prevention is better than cure, any kind of mental depression and any thought of ‘loss of interest in life’ and ‘tendency to commit suicide’ should be clinically treated. The chance of thought becoming a plan or action is very much possible and takes no time in taking the final shape and becoming the event. We treat our bodies and visit doctor for small ailments like cold and aches, but days of boredom, confusion, anger, frustration and depression is simply ignored. The mind is at times is self healing but not auto-flushable, the things accumulate inside the brain as memory and tendencies become habbits and then the fixed quality or attribute of the person. And the pain caused by mind is more unbearable than the pain which is caused by body.

Think About It!

Pakistan is agenda for India’s PM or India should be his agenda

Indian prime minister Shri. Lal Bihari Vajpai wants to add a very big feather in his cap, a feather of winning peace talks with Pakistan at any cost. The cost can be loosing sight of problems within the country and ignoring more important To Do’s in the list which are more important for the growth of the nation. The result is running the ‘Delhi-Lahore’ bus which resulted in ‘Kargil War’ last time. The nation has also shamefully forgotten the ‘Kargil’ incident since it was busy in seeing the cricket matches during the kargil. I seriously wonder and pray what would be the result this time. India is a very tolerant nation and recognized as a peace keeper in the region by the entire world. But we are not really campaigning hard for the cause, we are campaigning as if it is just another problem of the nation and Pakistan is just ‘teasing’ us. Terrorism is a serious offence and there has to be serious effort punishment for that by us and by all the so called peaceful nations.

India’s peace is not in the world agenda. If tomorrow the USA decide to extend the Pakistan support by fighting with India, the world and its UNOs will be just the witnesses as they were in very recent ‘Iraq’ war. USA will never do such thing however, because the grand daddy is smart and will enjoy the important status from both the sides but will never make a serious effort if Indian and Pakistan are not ready to recognize the good deeds of USA and declare USA as “Official Peace Keeping Parent.”

Indian politician and even Indian citizens are engaged in full time filthy politics and not in the more important social and economical issues. The boring and routine TV serials are compensated by spiced up ‘Television News Channel’ (There are more new channels than the news itself). And the stars of these channels are politcians who have only and only politics in their agenda, the Vajpais, the Advanis, the Sonias, the Laools, the Rabris, the Thackreys, the Lalitas, and so on.

The disinvestment plan is gathering dust. The disinvestment of Hindustan petroleum and Bharat Petroleum was supposed to fetch the government Rs 10,265 croers and may be even more if executed properly. Similarly Air India and Indian Airlines is out of the disinvestment plans. The VAT is also swinging here and there and there is lack of political willingness to implement it. There are lots of Women Issues, Labour Reforms, Education & Social reforms. But the parliament is more interested in fighting than passing the bills and updating the laws.

The population is plenty that’s why we are not worried by the body counts of our soldiers and citizens. We can feed Pakistan and many others for years to come and we will keep on waiting for them to stop and then talk, till that time they can continue what they are doing.

Think About It!

The rising Criminal Tendencies in youth.

In the past people with a “bad” backgrounds used to enter into the criminal world. There used to be a certain reason behind the decision to go for crime. The crime used to be for some reason either social, economical or mental. But today the youth with pretty well family background, social and economical status and highly educated background is entering the crime scene. Crime is becoming fashionable . One of the example recently is Gurprit Singh (Miki) who executed Aijaj Lakdawala last week in Bangkok. Miki hailed from a good family background and was a graduate from college in Andheri, Mumbai. The worst example exists and they are more dangerous are harmful as in “Terrorism”. In the recent serial bombing incidents in Mumbai the involvement of qualified graduate and post graduate qualified youth in more alarming. The “Lashkar” aria commander Abu Sultan was a masters in computer science.. Dr. Matin involved in Ghatkopar bombing incident is MD in forensic medicine. Atif Mullah involved in involved in Mulund bombing incident is a holder of MBA degree.

The inclusion of these so called mature, sophisticated and educated criminals in making the crime and terrorism even more complex. These people use the latest in the technology, & are easily deceptive because of good social background and very smart in defending themselves compared to easily recognizable criminals who act, walk and talk like criminals. The reason for their criminal inclination is unknown, somehow crime is becoming fashionable and addictive (hard to resist) like drugs. The latest fad among the upper circle youth in the country’s capital Delhi is to steal the new cars, tear them apart and sell off their parts just for that extra heavy pocket money. Somewhere the social structure is breaking apart, the schools, the colleges, the society, the friends and the family is not acting as qualified support system. The individualism is becoming more important and an individual is deciding for himself what is “Right/Wrong” for himself and living by his own rule book. For some people even this reason is not applicable, they become what they want to, there is no reason, why? May be everybody is loosing the “respect and fear” factor related to the Law & Order. Only the good ones fear and respect the law, because they know that they will end in the long trap. The bad ones, who have decided to go wrong have nothing to fear since they know that by the time they will get punishment, they would have already had the party.

Think About It!