Wednesday, September 3


Blasts: Accused blames Gujarat riots - Can anybody have a valid reason to kill somebody? Atleast these bastards have. Terrorism in India is to kill to easy targets. Maximum victims of any terrorist acts are unarmed children and women. If I cannot kill you I will kill "anybody" whom I can kill, that's the simple rule. Our government and we have given the social acceptance to terrorism. The words like ISI, Jehad, Lashkar, etc.. are spoken as if they are from nursery rhymes. Whenever any incidents happen the government just waits .. who is coming up to take the responsibility and by default attach ISI with it. This is the fact, but it cannot be a full stop. There cannot be dialogue with any terrorist be it a individual, organization or country like Pakistan. Few politician marched with black bands on their mouth as a silent protest in mumbai, how could they? the city was ashamed seeing their shameless endeavours and mumbai itself was on protest although it didn't have any black bands. Mumbaikar / Indians themselves are not caring... as far as somebody from own family is not killed it's hardly a matter. When some one very own is killed then we will cry and howl and beat our chest ... we have to realize ... kashmir & mumbai are both in India and India is the target.. if any other indian is killed I can also be killed. But who cares - Vajpayee is busy slow motion speeches, Advani in ayodhya issue, Mayawati in Taj, Shinde in excuses, Balashaheb in finger pointing, Laloo in Gangajaal, .... Relax you are living in India.... Nobody care's ... Isn't it?... well...DO YOU ?

Enjoy 25/8, Mumbai: The Jihadi Iceberg India is proud to have 25/8 . It bigger than 9/11 numerically.