Saturday, June 19

Rediffmail goes 1 GB

After the launch of Gmail (google's email service) Yahoo! declared a 100 MB mail services but our very own Rediffmail dares to declare 1GB. Actually I was expecting the same from these email providers from long time since storages technologies have evolved and price/mb has dropped significantly, moreover the better management of space and deactivation of non-active members would have allowed yahoo & hotmail to provides space n x 10 MB long time ago. But there was no need, since there was no competition so nobody even thoought of providing . Now with google's announcement the need has arrived to sustain the customers. But from 5 MB to 1 GB jump is amazing. I hope people will not misuse this for 'xxx' attachments ;-).
BusinessWire: India Limited (Nasdaq:REDF), one of the premier worldwide online providers of news, information, communication, entertainment and shopping services today announced the launch of Rediffmail 1GB effective 2000 hours IST today, giving virtually unlimited storage space of 1 gigabyte to all its free email users in India and worldwide.

With immediate effect, Rediffmail users will also be able to send in a single email a message of size up to 10 megabytes.

Earlier this year, had launched Rediffmail with enhanced security and feature-rich add-ons. Rediffmail users already enjoy a simple-to-use, fast and secured experience. Rediffmail is secured with an exclusive Spam Shield and enables one to write emails in 11 Indian languages. will also start freeing up over 15 million email addresses that have not been in use over the years, giving new users a better chance of finding an email id of their choice. For the premium paid users, Rediffmail Plus and Rediffmail Mobile, the storage space available will be 2GB each. The storage previously available with Rediffmail was 5 MB and the mail message size 1 MB. For the paid Rediffmail Plus and Rediffmail Mobile users, storage was 10 MB and the mail message size 5 MB.